How did you find about Chicken invaders?

Well i made this topic just for fun

I am curious about how did you guys get in ci community

I also will tell my story
i don’t remember much but i think the first game i have ever played was chicken invader 3

(I like how more than 60% of the people here are in high school and colleges

I think when i was 4 i started playing with my mother on my parents pc
( it still exists)

I was so obsessed with the game

It was funny and nice old day

When i was 6 i started playing ci with my neighborhood and relatives

This game built my childhood hood

Thanks @InterAction_studios for making these amazing games that made all of our childhood :heart: :heart:

From chicken invaders i discovered more games

Your games made me feel happy when i was sad
And for another time thank you

I am curious about your stories and why did you join the community and the forums feel free do reply with your story :innocent:

And see you guys in another topic

What the version of the game you played first ?
  • Chicken invaders
  • Chicken invaders 2
  • Chicken invaders 3
  • Chicken invaders 4
  • Chicken invaders 5
  • Chicken invaders universe

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Randomly found it on my hard disk when I was lil’ and played it.
I thought I had to collect eggs though.


One of my neighborhood said that i can collect the feather

Spoilers you can’t

Wait the feather is particles
Always has been


remember old CDs with random game demos like 14 years ago
CI2 xmas was one of them


Yeah i remember those you bring my memories back lol

Ohhh i remember some flash games was on my pc there were so cool back then

i got classic CI2 demos when i was young
before remaster even happened


Me too i think i still have the classic in my hard drive

I will see if the classic game still there

I know Chicken Invaders because I started playing Christmas Eve Crisis in 2010 and then the other iA games.


My first ever game was a copy of CI3 my parents pirated on the family pc.
At that time it was a common thing to do with any digital media. Do any boomers like me remember that ad about “You will never download a car” ?

Anyway… I never got past uco2 and dropped the game

Years later CI4 happened, got hit by nostalgia, and I spent days playing the mobile version and I was seriously intimidated by the Egg Cannon. At that time period I also suffered from being bullyed, so every gaming session helped me to relax

Then I forgot about the franchise (again) due to Minecraft becoming a better antistress for me

Years later CI5 happened, got hit with even more nostalgia and spent hours on it.
Chicken Invaders basically became a family meme: it would somehow return when everyone forgot about it

And then, as that meme was a prophecy… I forgot about the franchise again…

Years later I remembered (again) about Chicken Invaders and replayed every game from 3 to 5. And I finally had my battle with the Yolk Star… after all those years.
After that I decided to look on wikipedia and I can summarise what happened this way: “Oh cool! Every game releases every 4 years! CI6 must be coming soon! Let me search more… What is this? Chicken Invaders Universe?”

And that’s how I got into the forum

Chicken Invaders holds a special place in my heart because (as I said before) it’s the first game I have ever played. My future career has this franchise as its base, since that’s how I started gaming.

The fact that a little piece of me (The Henlley Comet) is a part of it… I don’t know how to describe the feeling


My parents did the same

Everybody pirated the game back then

I had the same problem with ci 2 where i die at the egg boss

But ci3 i won a couple of times but i am terrible at yolk star fight because when i defeated him in ci3 i was using rockets only i wouldn’t use any rocket in the game just keep them for the yolk star

I played 4 then 5 came out a year later so i played it

After i finished 5 i forgot about the game completey that’s when i got new pc

And some day When i was laying in my bed i got idea to search about Chicken invaders

I found a video about Chicken invaders evolution

That’s when i found out about Chicken invader universe
I forgot about the video for several month

Then i started searching about the game again

Thats when i found about Chicken invaders universe early access on steam

Nice i played the game for several month now and it was so heart warming how my childhood game is still going

About how i got to the forums i had a problem with a the game i forgot what was it anyway
I searched it on google and i found page asking about the same problem and someone solved it for him

That’s when i discovered about the forums

After like 2 weeks i decided to enter the forums
I found that people was suggesting

So i joined the forums but i didn’t really post
I just created an account

My first post was a couple weeks ago

Why i entered the forums

Bec This game have a part of my heart
This title made me enter gaming

The feeling that this game gave me was something i can’t really describe

The era when the games are really good
The era when all the games were too good
The era when the games didn’t require a nice graphics to be popular

And again thank you InterAction_studios for giving all of us the best childhood game from all the games :heart:

I don’t know how this webs didn’t have any viruses included with the game


CI2 demo, don’t remember which edition though.

Here more detailed story:

(just the first post, I planned to rewrite others when CIU exits from EA, but somehow we’re still not ready for release)


The story is similar between every version

About every edition i didn’t really like any edition other than the main one
Fun fact : the first ci i played was ci3 xmas edition

At the time i didn’t really understand the cutscenes because i was young and i didn’t quite understand English bec it wasn’t my main language

My dad got the game and I was like 8-12 years old and I remembered the game 6 years later, I’m so happy they made more releases!


randomly found out about ci4 from wildtangent and really liked it, then bought ci5 from bigfish, it was good times lol

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CI3 is the first CI game I discovered, it started in year 2011.
I played CI4 way back 2013, CI5 in 2019 and CIU in 2020

Somehow, I randomly found CI2 xmas (non-remaster one) on my D disk when I was young (5 or 6 iirc). I opened the game, start playing and all the enemy bullet it just like Ion gift so I… Crash into it.


So you joined around 2014 or + right ?

We all did when we were younger lol

Ci3 and ci2
The game blow up

yea, around 2015