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(ATENTION: This is a welcome topic, and I wanted to do in different languages making more easy for the reader doing separetly language for language, but it isnt 100% exactly, i recommend read in the english versión, bc I speak spanish and I dont know talk to good your language, expect Typo errors :cry:)


:wave:t2: Hello !, I am Anomalia, but call me Anon, I live in Uruguay, I started playing the game when it was recommended by my friend, and, I loved it, I never knew that there was a sequel and I have been in Tier 21 for 1 week.

A little of me:

I like to play chicken invaders, it was one of my favorite games, and I got a bit tired of it until I did 100% with CI5, in 2016.

I also like to watch series, some that I currently see are “Proyect Blue Book” and “The Man in The High of the Castle” I also like to draw, listen to music, compose music, hang out with friends, play video games, read, write, etc.

A little bit of CI:

I met this game in 2009 playing CI2, then I liked the experience playing this game, and I decided to play CI3, which was pretty cool, but very challenging, pretty cool about it, I decided to wait for a sequel to this one, not much to tell about ci4 xD, well ci5 was the last one I had played, and thought that ci5 was the last game, stop the vice a bit, and I started to get addicted to doing other things, until a friend recommended the game and I couldn’t believe it: D , I was so cool to see the old and new things, I really liked it, afterwards, they sent me a request for this forum a couple of days ago and I thought I could express my ideas and report errors, although I am not a person who thinks things, Although I will try anyway, well, it would be better for a bit, I hope I get along with the person who is reading this :nerd_face:!

Well, see you later! :kissing_heart:


:wave:t2: ¡Hola !, soy Anomalia, pero llámame Anon, vivo en Uruguay, comencé a jugar cuando me lo recomendó mi amigo y, me encantó, nunca supe que había una secuela y he estado en el Nivel 21 por 1 semana.

Un poco de mi

Me gusta jugar a Chicken Invaders, fue uno de mis juegos favoritos, y me cansé un poco hasta que lo hice al 100% con CI5, en 2016.

También me gusta ver series, algunas que veo actualmente son “Proyecto Libro Azul” y “El hombre en lo alto del castillo”. También me gusta dibujar, escuchar música, componer música, salir con amigos, jugar videojuegos , leer, escribir, etc.

Un poco de CI:

Conocí este juego en 2009 jugando CI2, luego me gustó la experiencia de jugar a este juego, y decidí jugar CI3, que era bastante bueno, pero muy desafiante, muy bueno al respecto, decidí esperar una secuela de este, no hay mucho que contar sobre ci4 xD, bueno, ci5 fue el último que jugué, y pensé que ci5 era el último juego, detuve un poco el vicio y comencé a volverme adicto a hacer otras cosas, hasta que un amigo me recomendó el juego y no podía creerlo :D, era genial ver las cosas viejas y nuevas, realmente me gustó, luego, me enviaron una solicitud para este foro hace un par de días y pensé que podía expresar mis ideas e informar errores, aunque no soy una persona que piensa cosas, aunque lo intentaré de todos modos, bueno, sería mejor dejar, ¡espero llevarme bien con la persona que está leyendo esto :nerd_face:!

¡Bueno, te veo luego!


Здравейте! Аз съм Аномалия, но ме наречете Анон, живея в Уругвай, започнах да играя, когато приятелят ми ми го препоръча и ми хареса, никога не знаех, че има продължение и бях на ниво 21 1 седмица.

Малко от мен

Обичам да играя Chicken Invaders, това беше една от любимите ми игри и малко се изморих, докато не го направих 100% с CI5, през 2016 година.

Обичам също да гледам сериали, някои от които в момента виждам са „Проект на синята книга“ и „Човекът на върха на замъка“. Обичам също да рисувам, слушам музика, да композирам музика, да се мотая с приятели, да играя видео игри и т.н.

Малко CI:

Срещнах тази игра през 2009 г., играейки CI2, тогава ми хареса опитът от играта на тази игра и реших да играя CI3, който беше доста добър, но много предизвикателен, много добър за него, реших да изчакам продължение на тази, не много да разказвам Относно ci4 xD, добре, ci5 беше последната, която играх, и смятах, че ci5 е последната игра, спрях малко порок и започнах да се пристрастявам да правя други неща, докато един приятел не ми препоръча играта и не можах да повярвам: D, чудесно беше да видя неща стари и нови, много ми харесаха, тогава преди два дни ми изпратиха заявка за този форум и реших, че мога да изразя идеите си и да съобщя за грешки, въпреки че не съм човек, който мисли нещата, въпреки че Ще пробвам така или иначе, добре, би било по-добре за момент, надявам се да се разбера с човека, който чете това :nerd_face:!

Е, виждам се тогава!

Edit: Meanwhile, I’m getting rid of typos :wink:

Edit2: i Will put other language versión more soon :wink:


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Welcome, wheres the Deustch Versión, bc i can see in the title what say “Hallo”




Well, we need more languages for the game. Translator for hire?

Read this.




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Hello, welcome to the forum. Just a question - did you use Google Translate for the Bulgarian section?


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Pro tip: If you’re planning on buying other spacecrafts, make sure your first purchase is not the B9 spacecraft.


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@Sufi: Unfortunately, in several parts I had to use the Google translator, luckily, some I could identify :).

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