Henpire Invasions

Biweekly events happening around the entire universe.
The Henpire decides randomly to appear on any non-invaded constellation and then it starts invading it. All players with Tier 15 and further with a CHL license, highly encouraging being in a squadron, can participate on make flee the Henpire on special Invasion missions (Regular missions with chicken heads on it).
Doing these missions will give a global bar of triangulation to locate where the Henpire has settled their invasion HQ, the harder and longer the missions the bigger the contribution to the triangulation. Rewards may be given accordingly to player contribution and those would be keys and food after triangulation; and then phase 2 of the Henpire invasion begins. Here the players will rush to the invasion HQ and start siege and the siege has 6 missions of 20 waves, 40 waves, 60 waves, 80 waves 100 waves and 120 waves respectively of rising difficulty.
The first half of phase 2 will be to invade their HQ and second half will be to deal as many damage as possible. Once second half of Phase 2 is reached, a special time-limited mission will be available with restriction of Tier 30 and further, and people with CHL will be only be allowed to fly this assault as this is something not for the faint of heart; (chicken hunters with squadrons will be allowed to fly with up to 7 squadron members), which will pit the players to a 30 wave rush mission with timer where the Henpire HQ will be present on an omnidirectional onslaught as not only enemies but the HQ and bosses will be on the menu and the player will have limited time to deal with everything using everything they have with damage modifications influenced by difficulty chosen to start the mission (x0.5 for tourist, x1 for rookie, x2 for seasoned, x2,5 for veteran, x3 for virtuoso and x3,5 for hero superstar) giving incentives to play on harder difficulties.
The game will directly force the players to have at least 3 extra lives and temporal extra lives will be given following the old extra live frames (1 million for rookie, 2 millions for veteran, 3 millions for Hero Superstar; adding 500k for tourist, 1,5 million for seasoned and 2,5 million for virtuoso) and the mission ends by running out of time or by running out of extra lives, all extra lives gained by scoring methods and kept after extraction will be added as special score bonus and will be amounted for a special commemoration after the raid ends so we highly encourage both aggressive scoring and groupal safety on the sieges known as the Forked Heart of Valor of the constellation of with both the personal record of score extra lifes of the player, squadron record of score extra lifes and the community record displayed on the description of the medal. After the Henpire Invasion HQ is destroyed and the invasion is ruined, everyone involved on any of the stages of the Henpire invasion will receive a cashout directly related to the difficulty, medals will be given according to the performance on the invasion and the whole region will enter in a state of “festival” with a general food drop and key drop boost that won’t affect key rush and daily rewards and general discounts on the constellation. However, letting the Henpire stay longer than 2 weeks after their invasion will start giving a growing penalty on food and key drops and the general costs of the markets in the constellation will start growing because source scarcity because the Henpire is isolating the constellation.

A new item will be introduced on the market to know in which constellation is the Henpire is invading, known as the Henpire Invasion Radar (It will have a starting reach of 150x150 cosmic units to a limit of 250x250 cosmic units and will be upgradeable 4 times and will be sold and upgradeable at better prices at the local Heroes Academy)
Modifications and suggestions are open for everyone.


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