Help me restore my account!

@InterAction_studios I just repaired my computer and lost the progress of playing, there is still ProgramData folder, but still cannot be restored. Please help me :sob:

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What was your previous callsign?

His callsign : BlueGamingVN

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Well, you can try this:

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Hey, you got this fixed yet?

I can still see your spaceship in-game, all your progress is still “there”:

(Those are some pretty impressive stats btw)


And i can still see his insane score

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@InterAction_studios Please restore my old account, the old callsign is BlueGamingVN and the new one is Blue16.


No, he didn’t

It’s normal, everyone’s progress is stored in the server

I’ve queued the necessary changes. Your account will be restored during the next update.


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