I Lost my Account

yoiu didn’t back up? rip

so its pretty much gone? do i rly have to start over again??

Sadly, yes, and if you’re going to do just that, make sure to back up regularly

don’t worry i was in the same situation
i started over and now bought muller and other stuffs i didn’t in my old account

i cant back up ;-; the reason why i cant and why i reinstalled the windows 10 was cuz my hard drive keeps corrupting over and over, ever since i got it, it started corrupting it was 500 gb space,now its 400
and the shittiest part of it is that i dont have money to afford a better hard drive

bruh mine was 100 mb only and after getting rid of the useless hyberfil.sys and some .sys i’m done

Back your important stuff up to a cloud storage service brother.

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i installed 21 operating systems (windows 10) cuz my hard drive was corrupt system32 files and shit

it takes so loong but i can use eiteher my phone or usb drive tho so thanks a lot

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also is there windows.old

that doesnt appear cuz when i install anotehr windows again, it says that i have to format the hard drive in order to make it from GPT to MBR style
(pain ik)

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;( sad

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Don’t worry, iA will solve everything

brother I’m playing on my fourth account in CIU right now

but what about when the next update delete all users???

Create a new account, get a callsign, then tell iA to move your data from your old one to the new one by sending him your callsign through a DM. Next, wait for a bit then iA will restore your account. Note: your lost account needed to be 2 weeks old


is ia gonna even reply to my dm?

Yeah, he will. But you have to wait though. He’s busy sometimes

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If it was 3h before he read it, bad luck ;(, he won’t, sometimes

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