Help Archiving ALL CIU Versions

When you click on ſhare, go to advanced options and chooſe to make it a folder acceſſable to people with the link, and make ſure they can edit, too.

Sorry, it’s my bad. I’ll do it right now!

Okay, I think I did it. can you try and upload something as a test?

currently uploading :wink:

Finally! Let’s now hope that everything also works.

I’m uploading all but the nerfed boſſes one… Although it’s not my internet ſo I probably ſhouldn’t duplicate your work.

do you want me to cancel then?

plus about that “chickeninvadersuniverseinstaller (1)” it’s v2.1 i think

Uhhh… Are there any you don’t have?

i have all of them i guess.

In that caſe I’ll cancel.


maybe we should rename the files for the version of each of them (?)

don’t worry, v1.1 will be “chickeninvadersuniverseinstaller” and the others will be like “chickeninvadersuniverseinstaller3_1”

I’m not ſure about the wiſdom of inſtalling a previöus verſion on top of a later verſion, though.

Oh yeah, your’e right

huh, something popped that v1.1 is the same thing as v2.1

At least there’s the option to do it…

hmmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Alſo, I’m not ſure about the ſerver compatibility if the ſerver is/has been changed ſince the firſt early acceſs. I wonder what IA has to ſay about all of this.

probably because 1.1 installer is the same thing but it just installs 2.1 instead