Help Archiving ALL CIU Versions

Lol! You really want to play the first versions? For me they are nothing special and i dont want to see them ever again or play.

i mean if you try to run them it would just say “please upgrade to version 13.1”

You can’t play them anyway, the game will just show an error similar to this - “Upgrade to version 13”

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I know that this is unplayeble. I want to do this so people in the future could find unused stuff and maybe do other things (that I can’t even think about…).

That doeſn’t ſurpriſe me.

plus wasn’t unused stuff found a long ago (aka frozen chicks or zig-zag shirts and much more)

What uſe could ſomeone have for an inſtaller that doeſn’t inſtall anything?

oop oop, forgot to mention that those unused stuff were removed in a early access update

I suspect that the installers might work if we uninstall CIU (which I wouldn’t recommand to do unless you really want to see…)

They should work without any issues.

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You mean the inſtallers will work but the game won’t?

i had to cancel the uploading sadly though

Yes, in theory.

How come? Will you be able to finiſh?

i don’t think so sadly, could you upload the other versions? i’ll upload 10.3 later when i come back though

Installers don’t depend on the game servers, while the game itself does.

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In theory, If someone crazy enough to try makes a server and changes the code so that it will run on his server, the game could work too :upside_down_face:

That would require knowledge of the inner workings of the game and the ability to change where it looks for a ſerver, ſo it’d only be poſſible with the ſource code.

getting the code from UVE engines is impossible, not to mention that code is also impossible to get in other CI games too

Also, not very legal as you preety much steal a company’s game…

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