Hardest waves to get clean sweep on

Levels like Treasure Shower and Asteroids, as two starting examples.

Post the hardest waves to clean house in, and debate why.
For these two, it’s the angles more than the speed. Even at low speed, you need almost vertical falls so no target goes edge-to-edge in a corner where it’s risky and hard to hit.


Asteroids, Chest waves are known for their hardness to get clean sweep.

Also clean sweep is also hard to get at higher difficulties of some waves. Where we take longer to kill chickens and that allows some to escape.


Supernova Debris.


Comet Chase.

Clean sweep on comet chase is very possible with Vulcan+expanders.

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Then try it, record it, and post it here as proof. Any Comet Chase mission will do, no matter the difficulty.

Is a video really necessary to have a proof on this?, Very simple for you to do. Just buy some expander and go ahead for the mission and try it. You are actually rich as fuck.

Also you don’t have to depend on videos every time when you are suspicious of something. Just can be proved by a simple try.


(Good luck on 140% Comet Chase missions) Fine. Forget about it. But seriously though,

Are you this obssessed with my stats?

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314k keys is quite an achievement to me.

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Yeah, but GoldenBoss has more than 400k.

Update: I now have 321.5k keys.

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Probably did a quick check


Why? Because anything you says you show yourself like a pro player, but we haven’t seen anything about you. I told you: “Talk it less, do it more!”

Anyway, for the Comet. I won’t remind to the first phase of a Comet mission, because Vulcan+Accumulator is possible. Why don’t try to clean and no death a comet wave at last phase of a hard comet mission?

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And let’s not forget about the comets that fly very diagonally.


Or you are just being mad about it? It’s something you can really try it on yourself. And that’s not the point of videos. I would create videos if people is really being suspicious of something a guy have said and they can’t try it. But you have the full authority to try it out.

And also you are too lazy to check my channel. As well I do not act like a pro player. I just represent what do I know.

Still very possible with the expander. Just give it a try and don’t act lazy.

So do you.

Your last video was posted a month and a half ago. Are you having a KitKat break?

I’d rather save up for key medals than wasting on expanders only to find out about the truth.


Easily explained that I have a life and school shit.

So be it. I just recommended what I know. But not gonna force you.

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I respect that, but I don’t recall seeing that information somewhere on the forums.

W Baron.

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So what? Are yourself really be like anything you said to me? Or just try to blame something to hide the truth about you? :smirk:

Wlel it’s more of a waste of keys rather than laziness.
Anyways it is definitely possible to clean sweep comet chase with expanders+vulcan, however it depends on luck quite a bit. Ironically, even though bombers are terrible for comet chase, they might be your best bet here because more bullets = higher chance of them going where you want them to.
That being said, clean sweeping comet chase waves can be done way more easily altho with even more keys: with phaseout spam.