Hardest waves to get clean sweep on

Judge yourself first. And besides you ain’t saying something helpful here or proves the point of your argument.

Waste of key? I don’t think so. Enough expanders will extend the range of Vulcan to catch comets behind you, and you know that comet chase is known for their unfairness and getting things very tight. So it’s definitely not a waste of key.

instantly switches weapon on accident

Mission failed we’ll get em next time.


Comets don’t drop gifts. Only firepowers.

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Time to buy 1,000,000 keys to troll everyone >:)


Um…I wasn’t at all referring to the viability of the strat, just that people likely won’t feel like wasting keys just to test out one thing -.-

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Sorry for misunderstanding. But the thing isn’t actually too costly to try out.

Well you’re gonna need a high level Vulcan which is… pretty costly.

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But it’s permanent and don’t expire.

And to add to this, the strat may be viable but it’s not the most viable because phaseouts exist.(didn’t edit previous post cuz I wanted you to see this). And when you compare the two, yes, expander strat is actually pretty damn bad. It’s okay but there’s hardly any reason to use it over spamming phaseouts.

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Why did you tell me that? Who are you? You are God? You are iA? You are the queen? Are you my mom?

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I am the one who telling you to know yourself. And stay silent if you have nothing important to add to the topic.

Take it as an insult or as an advice. It’s your choice.

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:joy: what on earth happened here
I just wanted to start a simple thread

Anyway, I guess basically any ‘special’ missions is tough to 100%.
So that would also include feathers, asteroid storms, sqwauk blocks at higher difficulties or without absolver, debatably droids, definitely retro invaders. Am I missing anything?

A lot of normal waves like the ones where they do loops and spirals, or regular ‘solid’ square/triangle formations are tough.

Tower of Power and Tower Defense are extremely hard for me to 100% but I’ve managed it twice each.

Don’t know about this one. I wouldn’t call it hard.

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I guess it depends on what enemies you have. To clean a SB you need to go row by row not column by column, and anything hardcore like armoureds, astronauts, etc is going to make that painful because of dodging.

Why? Going column by column means the chickens take longer to go from one side to another.


alien container is so friggin hard to clean sweep
how do i do it


Spawn 2 alien containers


What happening here? For me is “Look in All Directions”

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