Hack ciu

can i hack chicken invaders universe by using cheat engine

… Why.


You can’t, I tried, It will just kick you out

You’ll get beaned


I mean, if you want to get your progress erased, then go ahead. But, do you really want to risk? Just be a legit player and play by the rules.

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This and most other replies don’t seem to match what iA said. They said they welcome people who fiddle with the game.
Yes, you can hack, but you’d have to report it afterwards. If you don’t, then your stuff could get erased.


To clarify - iA aims to erase whatever it is you have hacked in if it’s statistically related. So if you document, say, some before and after screenshots of your statistics and make sure you report it it’ll be fine.

The reason why it is important to report it is if you don’t, iA will just go “Hey, this person’s obviously hacked but we don’t know how much - let’s just delete the lot.”

(And unless I’m mistaken, these rules are only for Early Access.)


No u cannot

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