Give moron railgun a gift!

so in the next update th moron railgun will be affected by expander/condenser. so it think that should have a gift
yes if you find something better you should change immediately. but but is in the in leagy of chicken invaders the hen solo weapon

  • yes
  • no

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Yeah, Moron Railgun isn’t Hen Solo’s weapon.
The Boron Railgun installed on the Millennium Hatchling has a different firing sound, and no power limiter.

I see no reason to add it, since this weapon does VERY light damage.

It is a trap. Dont you get it. Like if you pick it up. That means better to left.

Then how about we make the Maron railgun an unlockble like in the other episodes :stuck_out_tongue: if you don’t wanna use’it you’ll Be free to eliminate :sunglasses:

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That’s a no-go considering that it’s meant to be the starting weapon.
If it’s made an unlockable then it might as well just be removed because that would make it totally pointless.

For fun purpose lol, even it’s weak I still want to see how it looks like at :zap:20

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Spoiler: Absolutely nothing changes. No increase in damage, no increase in firerate, nothing at all.

welp It doesn’t seem to change since :zap:5

The name of the weapon says it all.

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It reaches its maximum damage per volley (380) at :zap:6 and its rate of fire maxes out at :zap:10 (10.2/s)