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Maybe there was so little that fit criteria that it picked a “debug” game session?

Also, to highlight which clip you want to show in the video, you should type in: ?t=8 at the end of your YT link (8 would be the duration in seconds. You can also do 8s).

would do for longer clips, but this short is like 15 seconds long, feels kinda unnecessary

I want to be a part of the video next league match

GEN records random players, so you just need to be lucky enough to be chosen

Huh… Video says Jun 17, title says Jun 18.


Why does this video still use the first coconut sprite from the BETA?

At 2:39, the wave was “Asteroids, No Really!”, yet the video showed “Asteroids!”


The phrase “No, really!” is not part of the title, but rather it is a separate subtitle. In comparison videos, subtitles can be displayed with the main title of upcoming waves if there’s strong enough demand for it, though.

Should subtitles of waves be displayed along with their main titles?
  • Yes, please!
  • No, the main title alone is enough.
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Oops, outdated data files. Will update them.




In this highlight clip i can only see the half of mysterious ship!

We just gotta wait

@InterAction_studios On the latest highlight (for now, Hightlight #2, Jul 08), the 2nd clip, when player dies, the camera still moving with mouse movements. Can it be stopped instead?

I started to fix this, but then I realized it would cause abrupt movement in cases where the player spawns again far away during the video (e.g. in multiplayer highlights). Allowed.


I didn’t find that quote till now. Are you sure you added it?

I thought I had, but I can’t find it now? (Re-)added.


I wonder if we could have - or there is an option to opt out GEN

I’m talking about those who just not want to be broadcasted, no competitive reasons

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