Game won't run


So everytime I try to run this game it won’t open. At first it would be a super tiny box and if I clicked anything it would say not responding. I then changed the compatibility settings so now it just makes the desktop look bigger and won’t open still. Someone help!

Update: I forgot to mention that I got a new computer and after transferring my saved backup from my USB the Interaction studios folder, it does this. Sometimes the game won’t even open at all.


Try to start it and wait for about 5-6 sec, don’t click on anything else such as desktop or stuff.

I tried clicking some stuff after waiting for many seconds and it opened with small screen and terrible quality.Screenshot%20(3)

If it is in any way similar to my issue ( which was caused by a DAC ), you can try my temporary fix here:

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Update: After restarting my PC the game works normally so it’s fixed now.


As a side note for future experiencies for this and other games, NEVER use those compatibility settings on games that are not suposed to use them.
For example, why would you force CIU to work at 640x480, when the game natively runs over 768p? These settings are meat for really old games, we’re mostly talking on the 90’s decade, early 2000s, where having a high resolution could give bad results.
The most common one would be having a fixed screen that can not be scaled anyway, therefore you would have a really tiny view of your game.

I remember when I was around 7-8 years old, I had to put 256 color resolutions when I wanted to play Lucky Luke, and after that, restoring 16-bit 800x600.


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