Game server for Iranian

Is the game filtered in Iran?
I tested with two of my computers but failed.
What’s the problem?
I haven’t played for 3 weeks now.
With this problem, I will soon be losing all in game progress.
Please fix it.

No, you won’t lose it if you played more than 1 hour. And I don’t know what’s the problem, but you’re not the only one from Iran that has this problem which is curious.

But what’s the problem?

I have no idea, but here’s more:

I doubt that if this game filtered (restricted/blocked) in Iran. The issue is something else. We need to wait till it fixed.

The game itself does no filtering. But it’s conceivable that your ISP or even government blocks certain ports (which include the game’s port).


Ok. but how we can play game?

If you use windows 10, try Touch VPN from Microsoft store.

I’ve tested VPN’s with their servers and nothing works. Maybe other VPN’s with different IP work, I’m still not sure. I need to test.

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