Galactic Piggy Bank

as someone suggest I mean @Pans , let make a separate post!
as I suggest in some other post:

I mean there’s so many coins especially in no normal waves like nova,comets
so right value should be the same value as food!
make sense to put the piggy bank into the academy or not? I will create a poll the other idea will be create a piggy bank as a space burger!

Galactic Piggy Bank?
  • Into Academy
  • Same as Space burger
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look at this beauty :heart_eyes:

I mean every child dream to “buy the world” :smiley:


I think a piggy bank wave as a variant of Treasure would also be nice.

(Drone level but with police ships??)

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Appears at random waves as easter egg (not actual egg) when broken it drops huge amount of coins and 5-10 keys and 250000 score
It should be very rare

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