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There are many players(not only ciu players)love play games without many things
such as

my idea is when when you F2 all things (which is indicated by the shares and F2 is a recommended button not essential) if this idea suggested sorry known when you press the button it will hide and if if you press the button again it will back to normal


so you’re saying, it should hide the hud?

if you want

hmm, I think it was suggested here.

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Yeah, most games have it. Can be a good convienience feature.


no problem i searched about that but i don’t find any thing about this

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is it duplicate or not @Enhawk

Dude i already told you, it’s mentioned before here.

Also, why do you still say this:

You are still lazy to search it out yourself?

i searched already

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It’s this one:

okay i will think of another idea

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