A lot of ideas


  • Add skin,outfits,color for chicken, boss, food, powerup,weapons,damage indicator,…
  • Add heat, progress meter style (like heat bar from COTDS)
  • Add HUD mapping (like key mapping but we change position and style of HUD)
  • Show or hide element of HUD ( so i can hide a “ESC Menu” text in upper right corner screen)
  • Merge or separate HUD
  • Change size or HUD
  • Add more background
    Graphics Option:
  • We can set resolution when using full screen
  • We can choose resolution when using windowed mode of using window size bar for detailed window size
  • Pixelated graphics for classic feel(Unnecessary)
  • Bloom and lens flare (unnecessary so it’s fine if it not added)
  • Game visual can be edit (less or more explosion, less or more screen shake, etc)
  • Some background can emitted light (example:the sun in the background will emitted light) (unnecessary and useless if game shader is not added)
  • Game shader (unnecessary) (can be turned off in graphics option) (enable this will add light, godray and sunray in the background if there light, spacecraft, gift, boss, chicken, item become darker in front of the screen) (spacecraft can emitted light with strobe light, flame, weapon or built in light bulb but a little, powerup and gift too)
    Offline Mode:
  • Play offline (of course!)
  • Local coop with friends (it’s will be better we can customize spacecraft of name it to not to be confused) (i want it in online mode too) (when done early access)
  • Play separate save so if we play offline we start a new game
  • Add a Quick Wave bonus, earned if we finish the wave quickly

You can already name your spacecraft for 75 keys, in the paint menu.

no, i mean if it have local coop mode (multiplayer on the same computer)

Well, I’m sure if that were to be added, we could still use the spaceship names there?

i don’t know

i also have an idea about difficulty menu: there are 3 option, first option is danger indicator, that mean if a boss or “special” enemy(chicken with armor or chick and chicken in ufo or alien) start make an attack it’s will have the indicator to alert the player(i know some boss already has it but i mean for special enemy and every attack of all boss) enable this will decrease score and key, second option is health mechanic that mean how many hit you can withstand before lose a life, I mean hit, not percentage or number like 6000 health, 8000 health,… and you can restore your health by collecting health pickup or medkit, use this will decrease score and key, third option is extra life and health, and the health mechanic is depend on an item you can buy in the store, but i don’t know how to call it (it also upgradeable) and your spacecraft (it still decrease your score and key)
I know these ideas will break the classic feel of Chicken Invader so i don’t type it on the post

cool ideas.

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