Fulfilling Space Burger orders

We got new varieties of food, so I figured there might be some use for them other than just admiring how they look. (but I admit that they are great in my opinion)

Here is a new option in the profile which are orders

When we enter there, we will see five orders to be completed:

among others

  • 3 daily jobs
  • 1 challenge
  • 1 big order

In daily quests you only need to get various food (simple missions).

In challenge missions your task is to get the right food in various ways, including:

  • collect 500 food in a multiplayer mission
  • collect 300 fruits in tournament missions
  • collect 250 food without using magnets

In big orders, you have to collect a large amount of one type of food every week, e.g. picking only fruit or only popcorn or chickens.


This idea looks cool I hope it be in the game .


I have a strong feeling that it was already suggested.

This maybe

Nevermind, it’s different.


So it’s like daily objectives. Well It’s not a bad idea but would making farming keys an easier job.
so better decreasing it’s rewards.

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I think it’s not that exploitable. Slightly decrease the rewards or increase the task requirement might be OK.

Also, to make the daily quests available to all spacecrafts (if intended), it should be given by something like galactic space burger maybe (so you don’t have to travel to a space burger, which costs fuel and may make unequal advantages between players’ current position).

Anyway, if some cuisines are forced in quests, the minimum requirement to participate it would be having all cuisines. It will make the cuisines more useful than just decorative.

Surely you mean in competitive missions and not tournament(aka cup) missions? Just wanting to make sure.

although my persion opinion on daily objectives is not that positive, this could work i guess? on the other hand it would make new players think of the objectives only and not of the game, logging in to just collect the dailies and do the missions

if it is added though, maybe instead of just being a “collect x amount” and being daily, ia could do something like ironman, except instead of just environmental it has other modifiers too, like weapons gaining some special effect or forcing you to have this accuracy, or forcing you to keep moving else your overheat bar raises rapidly (if you know where this comes from you’re cool) and have these missions be weekly and randomly generated instead, ia makes the modifiers, they get applied on random missions

these are shit examples, but i think that could work out better than plain missions, although now the problem would be people would focus on the dailies for being more fun, so maybe give the player a reward of special weapons or items instead of keys, since the way special weapons are in ciu, they make it more fun when used due to how ridiculously overpowered they appear to me

anyways this is just my crappy opinion and im not reading that again feel free to mock me

I was more concerned with, among others daily or league missions, but I think cup missions could count for that as well.

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