Frozen and Hot Starfields (& Extras)

Hi, this is a topic for the starfield of Hot and Cold starfields.

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After the recolor change, I know it’s a good change to eliminate funny blending but I dislike the hot and cold recolor. It feels…too flat, especially the “Aglow with Dust” that feels like not in space at all with the environment in effect.

So here are my Starfield style for Hot and Cold, all 12 available in CIU
Note: If some of the starfield is too bright, You could simply darken them


I simply changed its hue because it has only one color,


CI2 is a bit tricky but managed to pull it out heh.


My favorite, It looks beautiful.


The Easiest one to manipulate, I used the old CI4 recolor as reference.

CI4 Retro:

No comment.


Same as CI1, changed its hue.


I like the cold over hot.

Caribbean Tornado:

Don’t ask about the name choice.

Cold and Dark:

The Original monochrome makes it Colder and Darker…Warm?

Rosette Nebula:

Good Luck figuring out the references.

Perseus Molecular Cloud:

Personal favorite.

Aglow with Dust:

At first I thought to myself “Wtf too bright” but then the original is already bright so eh. :slight_smile:

Extra Recolors

Sun Missions (Hot + Massive):

Darkness Missions (No Extra Environments):


  • if this gets implemented, I say the starfield should be saved as their respective JPGs (Default CIU included), nothing could go wrong.
  • Retro and droid raid could maintain their monochrome recolor.
  • Darkness Inherit the full recolor of environments.

All environment starfields are in Here.

Which one do you prefer?
  • Respective Render of Starfields
  • Current Monochrome Recoloring

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Manipulating the images chewed my RAM like tofu :skull:


Wow! These starfield recolors are really nicely done and vibrant. Good job. I like most of them more than their original variants, though I do wish you would place the original monochrome color versions for direct comparison between the two. The recolors for “Aglow with Dust” feel somewhat iffy to me personally, I just can’t see it really fitting well with the other backdrops. Everything else came out really nicely though.


You truly know how to cook starfields into cool masterpieces!


that starfield is bit tricky to pull off but thanks

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if this requires more textures then it very likely just won’t happen


Scarlet should work for IA lol

As promised, I have added a drive link for you to look at the starfields in full form.

Watch here

This is a really good idea tbh! More background variety is something we definitely need in CIU. Though if I had one thing to say it’s that the hot starfields are too ‘bright’, as in ‘burns my eyes when I look at it’. The CI4 hot retro, red darkness & prometheus cloud look nice, but everything else is really bright. I feel like orange & yellow would fit a lot better in most of the hot environments, like you did in Ashes and Dust.
That’s all I had to say. Overall a nice idea man ^-^

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I know the game has a lot of nonsense things but this one is really destroying the physics rules
(You know, changing space’ color[which means changing stars’ colors] due to the temperature?! )

But images you made are really beautiful :heart_eyes:
(I will use some of them in my arts)

Especially this one

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