Frequently Asked Questions

Will CIU use ci6’s waves, bosses and enemy? Or only ci1 to ci5?


CI6 will be after CIU is over, so probably no.


CIU is never over. The game itself is very different to regular episodes for lots of reasons. If I remember correctly, InterAction studios noted that support and updates will be happening as long as there are players in the game.


So that the UHF recruits can be heroes forever? yay

Free labour

will IAsudio update other ci games after ciu full release

Only if it’s emergency case with critical bug or something similar.


or Turkeys… or geese… or swans…or any fowl in general !

I’ve linked my account to an e-mail address. If the power goes out, will everything be restored by the e-mail address or I’ll lose them all?

If the power goes out, your account won’t be lost any way. That happens randomly for some people after updating the game. Anyway, if you have linked your account to e-mail, you’ll be able to restore it.


I linked it through email, but after I changed the Windows it didn’t work. I had to use backup.

First you need to set e-mail with image

After that you’ll be able to restore your account using image

Did you do it that way?


I don’t remember using that one, but everytime I login it said: “Logging in with e-mail account”. After I changed the Windows I didn’t use it either because there wasn’t a account that should be changed.

So I only used image I thought image should be used if you want to Change e-mail only.

Well how would you assign e-mail without changing it? By default e-mail is empty.


So I must change it first? Got it, thanks.

Would help if we had some type of password, like the forum login credentials for example… Can imagine this being easily messed with if someone knew your email address

To use account on PC you’ll need to get code on e-mail so random guy can’t access account without having full access to mail.

Are you saying that’s already in use? When I linked my account it was as simple as typing it in

But when you’ll be restoring account using that e-mail, it’ll drop a letter to it. While you have access to the account you can change e-mail any time.