Forums are still frozen for me

Ever since Sufi made that post about Off Topics, the forums have been stuck like this for me ever since:

I don’t see any new topics after that. I have to use mobile data to actually see the new ones, and to download version 37. Are servers down or something?


I obviously do not know the problem but I wanted to confirm that this is not happening to me, so I don’t think it’s because of the servers.

I’ve already reset my router, disconnected and reconnected to my wifi, and it’s still like that

On a side note, weird stuff has been happening on the forum for me, too.

Was it ever since that one post made by Sufi

The weirdest thing to happen to me is just the forum taking a bit longer to load pages while my internet is the same.

I don’t remember since when I have it, but it happens randomly. Sometimes, I get notifications for stuff I was already notified about before, sometimes the forum just gets frozen in a past state, and sometimes, I can’t even access the forum whatsoever.

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That’s what’s happening to me right now.

it has became a lot slower for me

The forum page doesn’t froze for me apparently :confused:

Seems fine for me

Does it happen on both PC and Mobile? Try clearing the cache of both devices, if that doesn’t work then try logging in and out. If that doesn’t work then It might be the fault of your network service provider but I wouldn’t blame them too much due to Corona Virus.
Over at my place, my already terrible and unreliable internet got even worse and I have to consider it lucky when I don’t get timed out from CIU for a single minute. I can still access the forum.

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If it works with mobile data, then it must mean that something is not right with the wi-fi, either the router decided to block something or the internet connection itself, but most likely it is the latter.

I would suggest to:

  1. Try to clean the cookies and site data
  2. Try it another browser(something like Firefox)
  3. Try to use Tor browser(here)

Another user from Discord server can’t access to the forum so it’s probably not single case.

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I have no idea what’s going on. The forum is hosted on a completely different server (which I don’t manage).

I wouldn’t mess with the internet connection, though, I don’t think that’s the culprit.

Try using “private browsing” (“Incognito” on Chrome) on your browser to visit the forum and cleanly log in without using existing cookies.


My forum kept resetting with old topics and “unreading” what I had read yesterday, although it’s working fine now.

Another forum on the same format had similar issues, too.

I think this might be helpful:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Open Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click on the Ethernet connection highlighted by a blue color
  4. On the Ethernet connection status, click Details
  5. Note down the IPv4 Address but DO NOT make it public under any circumstances.
  6. Close the Network Connection Details window and in the Ethernet Status Window, click properties
  7. You’ll see a list of things in the middle of the window, in this list, double click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
  8. Under the lower tab, select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Fill out the Preferred DNS server with and fill out the Alternate DNS server with
  9. Select the “Validate settings upon exit” option and then click OK.
  10. Click OK for Ethernet properties window and close the Ethernet status window.

For Mobile, exact steps will vary from model to model

  1. Go to wifi
  2. Edit the wifi network that you’re on.
  3. On IP settings, select static.
  4. Fill out the IP address with the IP address that you obtained from Step 5.
  5. Fill out DNS 1 with and DNS 2 with Note that DNS 1 could be replaced by preferred DNS server and DNS 2 replaced by alternate DNS server.
  6. Click Save

If this doesn’t work then please let me know.

May the forks be with you!

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I don’t know but it’s kinda bold to assume I’m somehow related to this lmao, I’m not a mastermind that has any sort of control over this website, let alone its server.

P.S. If you said this just because you “have a grudge with me” or whatever, can you not bring your drama to the forum? That’s why I left that black hole of a Discord server in the first place. It used to be a nice place though, what a shame. (hard not to use ‘profane language’ in such cases ngl)

So y e a h

Also I haven’t had problems myself.

Cmon, he just used it as a timestamp of some kind.

Why do people always assume here that everybody wants to offend everyone else.

She (just so you know, it’s a she) was quite quick to conclude that I’m somehow responsible for this, besides I’m not the one who is capable of disabling off-topic, IA did that, so if anything, maybe IA did something by accident while disabling the category.