For chicken invaders

I do not have to show anything! but I want to tell you something! When will the new chicken invaders?

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The new Chicken Invaders “will” soon™.

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Just read a Plan Update topics to earn more info for the game

Tune in for another interaction studios therapy in 45 minutes,something for you impatient sausages

“Are we there yet?”
“We’ll get there when we get there!”

Seriöuſly. As Interaction Studios ſaid right here, it’ll be ready for us “when it’s done”. I underſtand that you’re anxious to ſtart killing chickens (we all are), but pleaſe don’t fill up the forum with uſeleſs complaints. You didn’t really expect a real anſwer, did you?


EmeraldPlay When will it be new Cichken Invaders?

Soon™, or when it’s done.

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EmeraldPlay I tell you why the latest version was released in 2016 and since then there has not been anything new in the game!

I assume that iA has been working on CIU all this time.

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Posting links to your channel which encourages pirating Chicken Invaders is in very poor taste, not to mention that it violates the Terms of Service.