Firepower buff

@InterAction_studios,I would like to see the firepower(Atomic Powerup) can change your damage through lv.For example:each Firepower will add 0.3% or 0.5% of the damage to the weapon.The more firepower you have,the more damage you will dealt.If is unbalanced,you can reply to me.


Sounds almost identical to Damage Amplifier (Superweapon), but you mentioned this as a “firepower” (gift), imo this dosen’t sounds bad at all. A gift that drops down and when collected, it boosts your firepower. Not bad. It would be a good and cheap alternative for Amps. (9xAmps cost 72 keys so that’s kinda expensive)

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“Firepower buff”,suggesting that it’s a buff to existing firepower. Pretty sure the person didn’t mean that new power-ups should be added.

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(wow matix you just understood the idea different again yay)
Well,I’m sorry then. My bad. About your idea, it’s not bad.
(wait, did i just made a gift idea lol)

ik.I mean the Firepower (or Atomic Powerup) should add 0.3% or 0.5%of your damage.


Doesn’t really seem to me like that’s needed.
Also, 0.5% would be very insignificant. Vulcan Chaingun on :zap:20 deals 12240 damage per second, and with the added 10% bonus it would deal 13464—an increase of only 1224.

It should be increase 0.1% damage every firepower after Maximum power (20 firepowers)

(Well yes but actually no Yet another, 3 ideas)

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Assuming the bonus is added per projectile, it honestly would barely do anything.

Let’s take the Laser Cannon for example. It fires 5 beams that each deal 400 damage, which equals 2000 damage per volley.

On :zap:21 the damage would be increased by 0.1%. This raises the damage to 400.4 which is then rounded down to 400. So there isn’t actually any change here. Still 2k per volley.
On :zap:22 damage would be 400.8, rounds up to 401. We finally have an increase, damage per volley is now 2005.

Let’s jump up to :zap:40. We’re 20 levels above :zap:20 so the increase is now 2%. Damage per hit is now 408, damage per volley is 2040.

How about :zap:100 then? 80 levels above :zap:20, damage increase is at 8%. Damage is at 432, damage per volley is at 2160.

Let’s go for 100 levels now (:zap:120), so a 10% increase. Damage is 440, damage per volley is 2200.

Laser Cannon has a maximum fire rate of 6.5/s.

Over the course of a whopping 100 power levels we raised our damage output by 1300.
So yeah, utterly insignificant.

Incorrect. It’s still rounded down to 400.
Take for example double projectiles from ion blaster. In rookie,they deal 200 damage. In the old ssh,it would be 66.6666666…so this should mean that it does 67 damage on ssh,right? Wrong,it’s actually 66.

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