Finally suggesting this spacecraft family that I had in my mind since October 2019

As we all know, a new spacecraft family is coming and it may get a discharge ability that can be activated after a progress bar is filled by killing chickens, and then triggered by double tapping the shooting button.
[🚀 New spacecraft family (poll)]

And that is the reason this topic was made.

In late 2019 I made a series of posts (like most of the ideas that were made at that time) where I suggested new spacecraft families.

I only suggested 3 concepts.
The reason I stopped was that I realized the game didn’t left enough room for all the crazy concepts I had in mind and the majority of the implementable ideas were too similar between eachother.

But now… IA itself expressed the will to implement a new mechanic that can open a lot of concepts that used to be impossibile to implement without too many extreme changes.

In this topic I won’t remake any of my previously suggested spacecraft family but I will suggest the craziest one I ever had in mind: the Blinkers.

The blinkers are spacecraft with an hi-tech look, their base paint colors are white+cyan and the ships are named after famous physicists like Newton and Hawking.
They also have a movement speed penality (not as severe as bombers but still present)

This spacecraft family replace overdrive with a new mechanic: Blinking

By killing chickens, the player charges its ability bar

Once the bar is filled, the player can double tap the shoot key and place a portal

The ability bar will start to lose progress over time after doing so

The portal persists beetween waves

If the player double taps the shoot key again, they will istantly teleport at the position of the portal but only if the ability bar doesn’t lose all of its progress

The portal will disappears after doing so

What happens when the progress bar lose all its progress? The portal disappears with no side effect and the player must recharge it in order to place a new portal.

In order to account the lack of overdrive’s firerate boost, every weapon shoots at a sightly increased firerate so this family is viable in competitive missions.

What do you think of this idea?

Do you see it working in game or not?

Edit: Well… I tried

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Good, but i think the button to trigger Blink mechanic should be different from double tapping (Overdrive trigger)

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No. It would only be useful in very specific situations even if you could abuse it without any recharge, let alone with it. The way waves are designed atm is just not suitable for this kind of thing.


As cool as this idea is concept-wise, I’m afraid Orandza is right. I can think of very few times I want my spaceship to be somewhere that I can’t get to, and fewer still where I’d have had the foresight to know where ahead of time. Could maybe be handy in supernovae and the like as an emergency escape, but the time-restricted charge makes it very niche.

A more viable thing might be to have them “blink” to the side on contact with a projectile as a last-second save, at the cost of an overheat with very lengthy cooldown. If you’re already overheated, you’re toast, and likewise if the ship blinks into a bad spot. That still isn’t perfect by any means, but I could see myself using it with a perk like that.

I do like the idea of naming each model after physicists, though. That’s pretty cool - and in line with the naming systems for the other spacecraft families.


when you name something blinker, i think of it as a ship with temporary invincibility as an ability


Maybe, for 2 secs ?

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