Feature That will not allow to unmount hardpoints

Sometimes when you have alot of hardpoints like this.

And when you try to change spaceship and you dismount all equipments from spaceship leadout then your hardpoints are also unmounted. It makes mounting hardpoints one by one by and scrolling and finding particular hardpoint and it is also time consuming.

So basically my idea is about making a option which will not allow you to unmount hardpoints. If that option is enabled then you can’t unmount hardpoint even if you pressed “unmount all”. If it is disables then you can dismount hardpoints.

This idea is helpful or not?

  • Yes, this idea is helpful.
  • No, this idea is not useful.
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I can make it so that the “Unmount all” button does not unmount hardpoints. But having two separate buttons (or a toggle to select whether unmounting affects hardpoints) would be confusing and cramp the UI.

Would that seem useful?


i’d take two separate buttons!


It’s better than remount all previous unmounted hardpoints.

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Yes, it will be better.

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