Fast Eggi

Since there are no advertisment rules, I guess I’ll post it as it’s own topic.
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image This is now CI-related, you can’t flag it for spam. Don’t even try.


Now you are just tempting me to flag it xD

uco is harder than that

Fortunately, my eggy countermeasure is 100% effective (I mean, how could you deny that?).


You can just bait the UCO’s attacks, it’s pretty simple, only when they slam down is a problem. Also this boss requires constant bullet tracking, because… well you can see.

This ſhould have been put in the “Unrelated crap” category (or whatever it’s called).

Uco is harder than it was, but definetly not harder then the egg. Thi is pure bullethell.


mother hen-ship: touhou edition