The real boss challenge


Pure madness aproaches…

x5 faster be like…

Clickbait thumbnail. Thumb down.

Thumbnail changed

Alright. Now it’s good.

Its more tedious than hard. Fast Mother Hen Ship though…

There are more difficult boss

it’s not a hardest difficulty

I think the Blast from the past is more complicated.


Another weekly challenge? Why i have another weekly challenge after i played it. Its for everyday? If it is i will not playing weekly anymore(im lazy).
P.S sorry for the off-topic

It’s new week. Also I’m on top10 weekly twice which is weird.

If you did multiple runs,then that can happen.

In my opinion it is very boring

It’s just not boring at all

it seems like the good ol’ “5 seconds” strategy no longer works

Replace 5 with 1 maybe