Failed to connect

I’m having an error logging in to the game,
running on windows 7 + I already put the game allowed through firewall



See if this helps: Forever stuck on logging in?

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Still the same error and I’ve done all of the steps.
tried restarting,
tried ipconfig/flushdns
tried waiting 12-24 hours…
still same error

My game is already in the firewall “allowed” applications.

For me I had to run the dns flush in an “elevated prompt.” Basically run cmd.exe as an Administrator. Hope that helps.

Still not working =/

I downloaded VPN and appearntly it works fine now, but still I can’t understand why on this pc it works only with VPN and on my other pc it works just fine without VPN…
any ideas?

Your ISP’s DNS servers are probably (stupidly) still caching the old IP address.

Try setting your DNS servers (either in Windows, or on your router) to one of the options listed here: