Failed key rush

I was playing one of the key rush levels and then i died at the first stage. I tried restart mission and surrendered. but then i realized i can’t play it again. now this stage is displayed as unfinished. I’m trying to finish all stages but this stage will remain unfinished and i will never be able to %100 this star system. I think this levels can be special and not displayed at normal level counter. Or maybe there can be 1 trying chance for a day or week. (sorry for mistakes in the article.)


Key Rush can only fly once to prevent expoit on grinding too much keys on this mission type. There Is a warning that the mission can only fly once, also apper when you want to surrender or disconnect event mission

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i saw this warning but i was too stupid to read it. after quitting mission i realised what this warning is for.

Well you have to find another Key Rush mission then

Listen man, this mission key dash you’re only going to play once and that’s why you can’t play the same mission again that’s all

I don’t see an easy way around that. I’ll think about it.


Suggestion: you need to be able to complete the mission in some different way I think that the best way should be without any key bonus… just to have a penalty!


Silly idea of the month: you can retry after failing after a some-days long cooldown (in line with OP’s suggestion), but every time you fail, the key spawn rate decreases. This prevents endless grinding (failing on purpose) as the outcome greately reduces every time (this decrease has nothing to do with unoriginality penalty, that would kick in after as every mission).

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Don’t worry, I failed 2 key rushes and didn’t bookmark another one so I don’t know where it is
Here are some for you to try more:
First few i got from some random youtube video so I don’t know if they are there but all of the ones located in the top right / bottom right are mine and correct.
242 * 258
650 * 246
767 * 855
758 * 811
947 * 360
510 * 485
622 * 446
078 * 080
112 * 145
811 * 795
806 * 759
876* 438
915 * 389
947 * 360
667 * 447
655 * 431
891 * 292


How about a 100% key penalty for players who lose or surrender a key rush mission, but can still have a chance at completing it? That way, every time someone loses or surrenders a mission of that type, the penalty applies, taking away all the keys that the player collected during the mission before giving up or being defeated. And the player can try again, the penalty does not apply once they completed the key rush mission, after that you can’t fly that mission anymore.


Yeah. That’s good.

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