Experiment mode (for testing new ideas)

Many ideas from community, @InterAction_studios saw, but they worry about “What ideas are good and stable ? It is suitable for community ?”
I offer special mode which will serve as a testing ground.
All medals, keys, Increasing of Tier will be disabled in this mode


Isn’t this one of the reasons why the game is in early access? To let us make sure that everything is balanced?


More than half voters liked this idea, so this can work too.

I don’t think this can work. How woulld the testing thing work? If they want ideas, they can’t just directly mod the game! That’s not gonna work with an online game, and IA already can test what they want for us.

As to VerMishelb, I did vote for a big trust level, but I think an alternate solution would be to have a special cheat testing branch. But is it even worth it?

Testing New Weapons, (maybe new weapons will be OverPowerful and you can use it for getting high result in Top-10 Weekly Challenge or Daily…)
Testing New Satellites, (maybe new Satellites can help easlily defeat wave with 20x Armored Chickens)

Well, that’s kinda my of a specific chicken “simulation” mode . However many people would rather have a level editor to test waves.

If you are suggesting that there would be a test version of the game to test updates before release, it would be useful however very time consuming to implement now.

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