The Chicken Simulator

Every time you beat a new enemy, obstacle or boss it gets added to the Chicken Database. Many people suggested that already. However I want to expand on the idea. Let’s say we have the database organized with all enemy types and their discriptions. Below each enemy, there could be a test button.
Once you click it, you will get a normal loadout screen, but also a changable difficulty bar (Maybe the length one too). Once you launch you will get a futuristic neon intro where everything will take shape. But that’s just visual flair.
There will be one wave demonstrating the enemy. If it is a boss, it will be just him. If it’s a normal enemy, either a existing wave will only include them, or have a specific wave for testing. This way if you find a boss you want to fight, you don’t have to look through the galaxy or your favourites to find the exact boss you are looking for.
The difficulty bar as well as your picked difficulty (SSH, Rookie etc.) will have efffect on the enemies. This is also a good way to test damage values or dps for those intrested in that. Medals will not be awarded and score and keys will be lowered. If the lenght bar is added, you can go through multiple waves of one enemy. If you set waves for max, you could expect to fight the henterprise 16 times in a row if you picked hiim. Fun stuff.
But I feel like one enemy combat might be too boring. So if someone wanted to mix things up, there could be an alternative solution. Instead you would have only one Test button somewhere in the UI. You would get an additional screen, where you could specify enemies, bosses and mission type. I’m worried this could make exploring less worth it however, even with no rewards. But at this point it’s really similar to a wave editor… so hm.

What do you think?

  • Have a expanded test option for biggest freedom
  • Have one enemy type tests and leave the rest to wave editors
  • This idea in general is a dum dum

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I do think that you ſhould only be able to teſt enemies you’ve already come acroſs in normal miſſions, though. Juſt ſo as to not ruïn the fun of the diſcovery.

Ye ye, it’s based off the chicken encyclopedia kind of ideas.

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