Error: Bad host

Does anyone else have this error?
*yes, i’m watching topic “Failed: Bad host - #10 by Star-Lord

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Yes, me too

You must download the v.38 update:

meh , i downloaded it but i still receive: Bad Host

Are you sure? What version does it say on the main menu (bottom-right)?

i disabled firewall and i joined the game again without problems :slight_smile:

Firewall shouldn’t affect this. Try turning it back on.


Did you check your internet connection?

Thank you, all working.

what are the updates from V 37.1 ?

Read v.37 topic, bro

But the EA 37 topic got closed

But you can read it ._ .


(Visible Confusion)

These updates are valid for the V37 no ?
The new version of today is V38

You said

Every update changelog is in related topic. If you need to see changelog from v37 to v38, take a look at Early Access version 38


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