💡 Enraged Retro Invaders

Mad Retro Invader 09a58d9f26a3733437f7752e2d57bad95d9b74d4fb369bc3f0de97ad001bfaf79cef808940b0c4b3 ۲۰۲۰۱۱۱۱_۱۰۳۱۴۲ ۲۰۲۰۱۱۱۱_۱۰۳۱۲۷ ۲۰۲۰۱۱۱۱_۱۰۳۱۵۷ ۲۰۲۰۱۱۱۱_۱۰۳۰۳۷

They attack same as the normal invaders but its just 1.5x toughter, 1.25x attack rate, 1.25x bullet speed, and they could ram directly to you.

(Lets say when you are on right and the retro on the left) the classic retro, they also ram but they are just ram it straight forward. but for enraged retro they are same but they could stir their ram a bit to you

also it would appear on a 100% difficulty

:new: retro 3a04d52e3e4057d86b94df066faa08663c59c049_2_500x500_120x120 89c20d9d544a312b4ad2d8ed6eb231f50da5ff6a
This will fire a lasers (Just like shoot and scoot wave but its straigh forward, not wide laser).
But the different is, it would appear on 70% difficulty (Normal plug). Ofcourse there would be a warning sigh before the laser launch and the will dissapear after 2 second and the attack rate was 0,8x than the normal retro invader. the health was same as other invaders

As for the Enraged retro (When its added). It appear on 100% (Or maybe 110%) the attack rates are 1,2x than the normal invaders. It has an ability to Dodge (Slightly) from your weapon. its health are 1,5x tougher than the normal invaders. and its lasers will be dissapear after 2,5 second.

:pencil2: description by @B256, :framed_picture: artwork by @Darth_Skembesion and @Star_Light


Maybe more Rage Retro will appear at higher difficulties? I don’t want to meet the Rage Mothership.

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Someone suggests this plz
I’m looking forward to it rn

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okay that is good but can anyone make it a mod?

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If I remember, france has something like this


Oh didnt think about it. lel guess it would be worth a challenge. (Bigbrain time)

To sum up, Rage Retro are just elite versions of regular Retro. The greater the difficulty, the more enemies of Rage Retro. (Or maybe make a new wave of “Rage Retro” where only they will be)


it’s on the gdrive folder i posted in the mod tool topic



Ragetro Invaders




What is this? (I mean is this a new creature?)

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So, will it appear if I use Superstar Hero? Because this seems pretty cool

Yes, it will

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my opinion is rename them to Enraged Retro Invaders
Rage is just a noun or a verb


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