Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

Reminds me of cyriak’s videos

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Get out of the way now!!!


another henperor approaches…


I, I am SPEECHLESS :eyes:




New retro


That looks super dope! You’re a very talented artist. I loved the CK-01s Henterprise and I love this Henperor design as well! I can’t wait to see it being colorized.


thank you so much :heart_eyes:


Good job
You are a good at drawing. :+1:


Nice sort of 3d drawing




tealler 1
CI7 tealler
Big war
videos will be create later

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Oh sorry for mistake

It’s ok, I’m just joking with the mistake, I still understand the meaning though

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I have the opportunity


Finally true art


Golden weapons and space craft


Golden ions look like popcorn


Welp, here I go again…

  1. Photon Swarm: It looks decent, but there are 2 different colors for each type of particle, the weak one and the strong one. By default, the weak projectile is light blue and the strong one is orange-yellow. By making all of them yellow, it would be a lot more boring with just a single color. 4/10

  2. Laser Cannon: I get that this is more of a true yellow rather than the orange-yellow color scheme of the original Laser cannon, but frankly I prefer the latter as this recolor makes it look very bland IMO. 3/10 and yes this means I prefer Solar’s white laser over this laser color since Solar’s laser recoloration is at least somewhat pleasing to the eye.

  3. Boron Railgun: I presume that the one in the first picture is for low heat appearance and the one on the last picture is for high heat appearance. Well, this just means that there’s a narrower range of colors when transitioning from low heat to high heat since you go from orange to yellow, instead of red to yellow-white. 3/10

  4. Neutron Gun: Once again, two pictures and this time there’s no excuse for two images. The two Neutron Gun examples have different shades of yellow. The one in the first picture is too pale to be considered golden, while the one in the last picture is too intense and just looks like bright yellow instead of gold. If the saturation was changed to the point where it’s right between these two color intensities and the hue was altered to shift slightly towards the reddish hue, it might look good but for now, they both get 3/10.

  5. Lightning Fryer: The best looking reskin you’ve made. However I can see a small cut in the middle lightning bolt which just screams of unprofessionalism. 6.5/10

  6. Positron Stream: THAT IS UGLY! I’ve seen worse reskins, thanks to Solar, but this is still not good. instead of the gold color scheme that you were trying to achieve, you achieved a color scheme of bubblegum pink, which I really do not like. 1/10 Just because Solar’s Sewer Positron abomination exists.

  7. Vulcan Chaingun: Like the positron, it looks pink instead of gold or yellow. It looks a little better than the Positron reskin since the pink isn’t as intense, but still, you could do a lot better than this. 2/10

  8. Absolver Beam: Like with the Laser Cannon, I prefer Solar’s white absolver over the yellow absolver for reasons I’ve already stated. 4/10, slightly better looking than the laser reskin.

  9. Moron Railgun: Now this is pure assumption here, but if the ninth image is indeed Moron Railgun, then this is another fail since you’ll now have trouble differentiating the Moron Railgun from Boron Railgun. 2/10

  10. Utensil Poker: Yet another failed attempt at making the famed Golden Forks. It looks way too white to actually be considered golden. I’m having trouble deciding whether your forks are better or worse than Solar’s rendition, but either way, it’s pretty bad. 2/10

  11. Corn Shotgun: Making the Corn kernels pure yellow really takes away from the weapon’s personality. I know that the corn shotgun’s design isn’t for everyone, but I can pretty confidently bet that most would prefer the original over this reskin. 1.5/10

  12. Ion Blaster: In a move of irony, Ion now looks a lot like the original Corn Shotgun, and man that looks UGLY. Once again, I can’t call your Ion reskin the worst since Solar’s dark green Ion Blaster exists, but still 1.1/10.

For those of you wondering about Solar’s reskins, Weapon's skin after the bonus: "Max Power!"

So overall, most of these weapon and spaceship skins are look like assets from the CI wiki having a translucent yellow layer above them as evident by the Positron and Vulcan reskins which don’t even look yellow.
There’s more to making weapons look like gold than just giving them a yellow tint.
I give your efforts a 1.1/10