Enraged phases for Twice Infinity, show them who’s the boss and Brothers Reunited

I felt like these bosses were missing something, and then it occurred to me that when one enemy from a boss battle dies, another should get angry because you killed his brother
(when boss get enraged he makes the same sound as when he dies, the screen will shake and the same effect will appear as when you shoot the assassin chick)

enraged Twice Infinity:when one infinity chick dies the other will start
healing, become faster and have a new attack (it will fire orange projectiles 3 times (the trajectory of the projectile is shown in the picture))
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enraged show them who’s the boss:every time one chicken dies the others will get a little bit faster and when there are three chickens left they will start healing
enraged Brothers Reunited:when the party chicken dies,military chicken will become a little faster,he will start healing and sticky bombs will be thrown(if you get too close the bombs will explode after half a second and
it will also stick to the ends of the screen)
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if the military chicken dies, the party chicken will become a lot faster, he will start healing and will have the same attack as the last phase of CI2 mother hen ship only with more projectiles
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I kind of have a similar idea stored in a txt file somewhere on my desktop, except it’s less crazy.

Will post it here later.


For Party Chicken he should really charge up and give out his poop attack faster, instead of uh, just firing it once the entire fight and floating around like a fart in the wind.

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From what me and @1galbatorix1 and @Akemisora came up with for some bosses the other day… These are the changes we decided on proposing for the following bosses.

This is the format of the suggestions.


The Problem
The Fix

Now, here you are.

Twice Infinity
A twin of two infini-chicks joined together with a laser thingy. Both will move in a pattern when they first enter, fire their 360 fiery attack, and then move around randomly, occasionally stopping to fire green randomly aimed bullets (and the 360 fiery attack after on >100% difficulty).

The Problem: No problem, but it’ll be nice to add something new.
The Fix: When the other twin dies, the surviving twin will become enraged. When enraged, it will speed up all of it’s actions by 100%.

Special Forces
Throws grenades with a warning, and then throws dual knives straight at the player.

The Problem: Not challenging enough on higher difficulties.
The Fix: Have it use the glitched attack pattern from when Chicken Exponentiality was first added.

Special Needs
Moves in a specific pattern, scattering waste everywhere, and then stops in the middle to do a ring attack.
Goes back to randomly moving and shooting.

The problem: Doesn’t make better use of the 360 attack.
The Fix: Have it fire it at random intervals.

Brothers Reunited
Has both Special Forces and Special Needs in one. Projectiles are generally slightly faster than the individual fights.

The Problem: No problem, but needs consistency with the other changes.
The Fix: Use the reworked versions.
If Military is the surviving brother, his actions and movements get 50% faster.
If Party is the surviving brother, his movements and fire rate get 125% faster. This includes the 360 attack as well.


Wasn’t that “It’s Party Time!”?

Yes. It is.

Umm… healing?

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Just wanted to point out that there was also a topic that was made before to suggest a buff for Brothers Reunited as well. Here’s the link for it if you’re interested:

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Honestly that’s an interesting concept, it’s just hard to implement correctly without raging on the player side of things.

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Changed in v.59 :medal_sports:


Reminds me of Asteron fron Sonic franchise

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