Enemy Sensor

What would be cool is if CIU had a sensor thing you could buy for your ship, and what it does is whenever a chicken, enemy, egg, or whatever that will kill you gets close to your ship, you’ll hear a beeping sound to let you know to move quickly or you’ll get hit. You can buy it with keys and it will either last for a certain amount of time or have an amount for each time it happens. This is great because sometimes it’s really hard to see the eggs or bullets that come from the chickens and other bad guys, especially when explosions happen it makes it super difficult to see them.

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Depending on egg speed, it could be little useful. However yes, in many cases it is. However I don’t see it being effective unless the player is warned with a buzzer like sound, or perhaps just a light ring to signify danger. I would get a headache after some time. Also the beeping doesn’t really tell you egg trajectory, making you focus on your ship either way. Based on its range it can have varying usability.

It lets you know that you have to move,but you’ll have no idea where you’re supposed to move :confused:

You know what? This didn’t even make sense idek why I posted it, it is kinda pointless but it’s fine. I flagged it for deletion anyway haha

Unflag it. It’s kind of interesting. Maybe someone could improve it.

Yeah, but I have idea. (which actually needs another idea to be implemented first to work)
So. Imagine CIU gets surround sound support (Bunch of my ideas after longer play) and this way we can make enemy sensor beep in corresponding channel - we can hear where it was beeping.

I already flagged it but yeah that makes sense.

It’s just really hard for me to beat a mission without dying once sometimes, I don’t know why. Sometimes an egg will suddenly hit me or I crash into something sometimes because I thought it was food since I wasn’t clearly looking at it. What’s the best thing to keep an eye on when playing? My ship or the bad guys?

Ideally both. But keep bigger focus on close surroundings of your spaceship. Also don’t go near smokes/explosions because they can hide some dangerous surprises and currently there is no way to turn them off.

I know I try to stay on the bottom but I should probably wait for the eggs to hit the bottom and then grab all the food that comes next.

Or you can buy eggular repulsor.

Yeah sounds good. But I’ve got an idea for the enemy sensor. What if you heard the beep but only when the egg is coming downwards your ship? Then you’ll know to either move left or right.