Enemy Concept: Midas Chickens

Enemy Concept: Midas Chickens

Brief Explanation:
Midas chickens are glowing gold chickens that drop special items and have a much higher chance to drop keys compared to Regular chickens.

Midas chickens, like said above, are glowing gold chickens. They are of the military breed, with green wattles and comb. Their eyes are also golden and look similar to the Toxic chicken.
Example image of the Midas chicken (recoloured Toxic chicken with a glow):

(I know I’m using the same backdrop every time, might update as I’ve got a Muller Cuisiner now)

These chickens have a low chance to spawn in ordinary levels, ranging from 6%-18%. A new level I’ve thought of could be dedicated to these chickens, called ‘Gold Rush’. The level will have a similar chicken formation to ‘Military Parade’ and will consist of at least 3 Midas chickens, and a few other chickens such as Regular, Pilot or Metal-suit (depending on the difficulty and skill of the mission).

Health: 200 (350 on 45%-100% difficulty missions)

The key factor of the Midas chickens would be their drops. I’ve compiled a list of their drops below:

  • Normal Food Items: Midas chickens have a 100% chance to drop at least 2 normal food items, along with some special ones you can find below.

  • Golden Food Items (‘Golden Chicken’): These chickens have a 65% chance to drop at least 1 ‘Golden Chicken’. Golden chickens deliver 25 food points, the same amount as a Super-Size Me

  • Coins: They have a 100% chance to drop at least 5 coins, 75% to drop an extra 2, 50% to drop another 1 and a 25% chance to drop an extra 2 coins.

  • Keys: On average, Midas chickens have a 16% chance to spawn with keys, which is relatively high.

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