Electric chicken

I have idea of electric chicken here picture sorry for not coloring

And attacks are it generates a electric ball when it hits for 10 electric shocks the shocks only get to you

I have no idea what this means, please elaborate.

First guesses:

-it doesn’t spread to other players (does it spread by default?)
-having 10 lightning bolts in your inventory cancels the death

the electric shocks only spread to you for 10 electric shocks after the death

If you’re dead, what does ‘spread’ even mean. What does a shock do

10 shocks are too much

Instead use AoE with a limited radius or non-letal lightning at random intervals like Phoenixes and Chillers

reduce them to 5

the electric shocks after the death gets to you how do you don’t know the meaning?

That’s a bit harsh don’t you think?


If you kill the electric chicken and it kills you back then it’s called unfair death

You have to make it balanced between the player and the chicken themselves (like non-lethal electrical effect)

This idea was also suggested and it got rejected

So it’s basically a death cycle, you die once to it and you lose all your lives

this deserves an oscar

dont you even understand me? you can run from the electric like is it electric hell?

What does it mean to be shocked, can you explain? There is no mechanic for the ship being shocked in-game. Does it freeze? Does it overheat?

You…mean more bolts are summoned in random areas? Again, you aren’t explaining this well.

the bolts only comes to the spaceship

What does it do when it hits your ship? Does it kills the player or not? Does it do anything to the player? Does it have an effect on the player?

Explain this well so everyone can think about this

ofc it does so the spaceship has to run

And what if the player don’t have their Speedy Recovery (that’s the name i think?) ? That would just kill the player over and over again until you lost all your extra life. Can’t see why everyone disagree

The most logical mechanic I can think of is the electric chicken either throws non-lethal electrical orbs at you or summon non-lethal lightning (with warning of 1.5-2s) and cause your mission HUD to glitch out for a few seconds

Killing the player after killing the electric chicken is just way too much for the player

What if you’re in a tough situation? That would definitely cause an unfair death

when you revive you get a forcfield dont you?