Egg cannon spark

Can you add once the egg cannon get defeated instead of exploding instantly can it wait then make a spark then it explode

I guess that already happens with the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade


What about the ordinary egg cannon

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No i want the same happen with the ORDINARY Egg Cannon

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So you want it to explode instantly? Yeah, I disagree.

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SIGH i want the egg cannon to act exactly what it act in the cutseen in CI4
I want it to act like Egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade
Cannonade already make a spark wich is good
but egg cannon doesn’t however i want the regular egg cannon to do what egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade do. Not what you mean


I don’t want it to explode instantly
and i don’t mean cannonade at anything here.

That’s what I said at the beginning. And don’t spam replies, just use the edit button. Anyway I’m out.

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He means that Egg Cannon Configuration should have a sparkle animation before exploding, like final cutscene of CI4 and what Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade does.


Yes :grinning:

Oh, I actually knew it from the beginning, but it looks like I wrote the opposite instead, my bad. I’m really sorry for wasting your time guys. Thanks anyway :grin:


:joy:Honestly i want you to waste more i’m really bored

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Already Suggested:



I mean CI4 itself should be updated to instantly cut to the cutscene after you defeat the egg cannon for continuity

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Though in CI5 The henterprise explode instantly in the cutseen

Anyway do you guys like the idea:

  • Yes, because why not.
  • No, because why yes.
  • Neutral.

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