About Boss Score Values

I believe I’ve brought up the situation with Final Bosses only giving 100,000 score in the past. Now they’re worth up to 600,000, which I believe still isn’t rewarding enough. The same can be said for a couple of others bosses too, where they give either too much or too little for the amount of effort required to beat them. So let’s begin!

Firstly, I would like to suggest changing the final boss scores to the following:

Yolk Star: Up to 1,000,000 score for the Shell, 400,000 score for the Yolk. (4 cannons will now give 400,000, which means each extra cannon is worth another 200,000 for the shell)
This one is the hardest of the three, so it gives the most out of the three.

Egg Cannon: Up to 1,000,000 score depending on the number of phases. I also suggest adding the Egg Cannonade’s Spark as part of it’s explosion, as in: have it short circuit before exploding.
(1 phase will now give 200,000 score, that means adding an extra 200,000 score for each extra phase)
This one’s the easiest of the three, so it gives the least out of them.

Henterprise: Up to 1,200,000 score depending on which type it is. (400,000 score for Henterprise Hencounter, 800,000 score for Boldly Goes, and 1,200,000 score for Hend Game)

Now, I would like to suggest these score values for the bosses that currently exist in the game:

Chicken Invaders 3
Big Chicken: 30,000 points.
UCO #1: 75,000 points.
Blast from the Past: 150,000 points.
Sweater Chicken: 150,000 points.
UCO #2: 100,000 points.
Mysterious Ship: 150,000 points.
UCO #3: 125,000 points.
Henlley’s Comet: 125,000 points.
UCO #4: 150,000 points.
Magnetic Manipulator: 125,000 points.
Master Squawker: 125,000 points.
Crazy Squawker: 100,000 points.

Chicken Invaders 4
Superchick: 100,000 points.
Giant Robotic Space Crab: 100,000 points.
Mother Hen Ship: 100,000 points.
Twice Infinity: 50,000 points each. 75,000 if they have the 360 fiery attack.
Feather Brain: 125,000 points.
Attack of the Giant Crab: 100,000 points.
Planetary Egg City: 125,000 points.
The Alien Mothership: 3,000 for each piece, rather than 10,000.
Shoot the Core: No change.
Bossa Nova: 150,000 points.
The King of Crabs: 125,000 points.
The Iron Chef: 75,000 points. (Because he drops so many presents)
Chicken Multiplicity: no change.

Chicken Invaders 5
Special Forces: 100,000 points.
Special Needs/It’s Party Time: 100,000 points.
The Henperor’s Apprentice: 125,000 points.
Giant Robotic Space Crab 2.0: 150,000 points.
Chicken Exponentiality: No change.

I’m suggesting score values that reflect on the boss difficulty, rather than a constant 50,000 and 100,000. Some bosses are much harder than the others, but give lesser score than bosses that are easier at times. Alien Mothership however, gives too much score. So much that you can still earn more points than beating a 7-cannoned yolk star. (85 pieces x 10,000) I’m hoping these changes can be made. Thank you very much for taking the time to read these.

EDIT: If possible, scale the boss scores to be up to 2 times more depending on difficulty. This edit does not apply to final bosses.

You might also notice this part of the Egg Cannon segment: “Have it short circuit before exploding.”
I think this would add a nice visual effect for beating the boss, rather than just an abrupt explosion.

I think I would like to suggest the following visual effects for the Yolk Star and Bossa Nova as well:

Yolk Star: Have it start vibrating, which gets even more intense before it does explode.

Bossa Nova: Give it the “Supernova Explosion” from Chicken Invaders 4, but shorter.


I believe those bosses that you give under 100.000 points should have a buff to make them at least worth of 100.000 points.

Added to list. I’ll make some score changes at a later stage.

Death animations are just eye-candy and are at the bottom of the priority list right now.


Can Special Forces and It’s Party Time bosses just leave the screen at the end when fought separately and only explode in Brothers Reunited for continuity purposes? Just a small touch.

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If you mean for CI5 then good point. (but it would also kind of spoil the bossfight for new players)

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Would this be adjusted for Boss Rush missions? Probably to avoid score farming.

But suspense. You keep wondering where it’s gone, and when you almost forgot about it Brothers Reunited comes in.

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Tbh, I’d just still use these values for Boss rushes. You can get a crap ton of score from chicken invasion waves themselves, and not the bosses. At least this can even things up for boss rushes.

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