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but if it is as bad as they say, perhaps iA could put some kind of “repeat winner” rule

if the same person has won the same competition 3 times in a row, they will be barred from entering the next one to give others a chance

this effect ends after the current competition ends

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well maybe this gonna be fair enough

But he got that too much already

That makes sense

In general honest, I do really hate the Medal Medal. I wouldn’t have done the stuff like this and been complained back if it had not the page.
Uh oh! He’s mad

Well… Because PilotRay can’t curb their jealousy, I’d like to suggest a few things:
-For daily/weekly/space race/ironman: Players who got position 2nd-10th in these events will be awarded with a top-10 medal. Top-10 medals’ names are:
+Top-10 Daily Player (Easy/Intermediate/Hard)
+Top-10 Weekly Player
+Top-10 Space Racer
+Top-10 Ironman Killer
Top-10 medals have the same design as top-1 medals, but with the “top-10” phrase added. They aren’t required to get the Medal Medal.
-For Galactic Cup: The runner-up (the losing player in the final round of Knockout Phase) and the 3rd-place winner (decided by a 3rd-place match) will also be mentioned with the winner after the current Galactic Cup ends.
Hope this is enough to shut their mouth.


OK! I will listen

I’m against any idea of banning previous winners (or other restrictions in any way) from joining any current competition. That suggestion is just based on jealousy.

Only one player can be a winner. Not everyone can be a winner.


If you work hard enough you can finally take down great players without banning others. Liz_VN did get defeated once. (Either way Liz_VN wont be the winner forever as more new players will soon come and take over, reducing the chances even more)


Hadn’t you boys learnt to be “shareable”?

(No more shutting me up)

i don’t see whats wrong with him being good at the game

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Isn’t the galactic cup about competition, not sharing.

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There is a glitch where you can let low tier players play higher tier mission by assigning that mission to the low tier players, more specifically Retro
Please fix this, @InterAction_studios!


Wow. Truly an amazing reason. 10/10


I don’t think punishing people for being “too good” is the right approach.

The problem stems from repeatability in competitive missions, which we worked hard to ensure a few months ago in order to increase “fairness”. These two are conflicting goals. More randomness would allow people of lesser skill to (sometimes) win against better opponents, at the cost of fairness.

Known. This was originally an unintended consequence, but I’ve chosen to allow it.


The “shareable” WORD!

Everyone all of you needs to learn to be shareable. Included Liz
Shutting me, beat you up!

How about this, a Regional Cup, Galaxy will be divided into 4 section, and each section will have its own cup.(Galactic cup will be still there)

Qualification match will be calculated where the player is positioned. example if player is located in the 3rd section, then he/she can participate 3rd Region’s Cup.

Calling me shut up, I’ll reflect back.