Early Access version 99

Already suggested, 3 times(?). The answer is no because these are inefficient. If someone wants to swear he’ll always find the way. Also check out translation screen to understand the amount of languages needed for that.

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Screenshot 2021-12-20 114307
Why does this match have a result but the tick mark is still there? I think it’s a bug

I think he used emoji or symbol

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No I don’t see him use emojis or sympols

:heavy_check_mark: : hmm?

Where’s the result?
Screenshot (41)

Maybe a Tie? (oh, forgot you can win with 0.00001% as well)

yo theres no way he will beat liz
no way

Probably hieugaming got disqualified, in that case, the result won’t appear


what would be the cause of this, cheating?

One of two players (or both) got disqualified or got 0 pts

Might have to wait until the next day.

Is this a bug?

I’m feeling uncomfortable right now

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i think this bug is not a big matter to ur game if u dont remember the wave
u can watch the wave on menu

Because I don’t want to say the word that may make other people angry

pretty sure it’s one of the “pause-exactly-when-an-object-spawns bug” because you changed the game 's graphics settings, so it tried to respawn, but failed

it appears at the bottom anyways and the text only appears in 3 seconds so it is #NOTWORTHFIXING

also pls dont switch to other apps while recording it pains me you can always add a title later bro



No. Selfishness

Can we talk more in Private message