Early Access version 96

About Damage Amps:

the fact that you can literally die the very instant you activate it anyway, just means that no matter what happens, activating it won’t even save you usually.

so here’s a simple proposal:
give it a very brief moment of invincibility when activated. (for the duration of the activation sound, perhaps. If not, just half a second.)
this should at least give you enough time to at least do something with the amplifier instead of die immediately.

stacking amps will not increase the invuln duration. the amp effect has to end first before it actually allows for another brief invuln. this means spamming of amps will not extend your invuln period.

Activation Sound:


While we’re on the topic of improving perishables, can the exact amount of effect be explained on the description of Bullet Spray Expanders and Condensers, knowing how much a single unit changes your firing pattern would be quite helpful. The same can also be applied for Invul Extensions, Thrust Vector Control, really perishables in general need concrete numbers to help indicate users on how effective they would be.

This might’ve already been suggested, but it’s still a relevant way to improve the game a little bit.

Does it deal more damage the more amps activated? Or you’re just throwing them away?

The duration of the amps stack, damage is the same

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Idk if this a bug but the engine trail is bugging out in unovaska model
this is a youtube link of the video

Already reported. That’s because the source of the light is being hidden behind the wing and it only affects preview, not the actual in-game appearance.


stacking just adds to the remaining time

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Stacking only adds to its remaining time
if it stacked the damage too then i would assume that people would use Absolver with 10 DMG Amps just to insta-kill bosses in double team

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@InterAction_studios can you change this in Known bugs & new features topic? From 1-5 to 1-6 keyboard shortcut keys.

  • Galaxy view can be rarely stuck (especially if you click buttons while simultaneously pressing the 1-5 keyboard shortcut keys)

QoL thing

be able to choose between buying a single piece of equipment or a normal bundle


Well this is a nice idea

I think all one-use items (except Extra Life) and perishables need to be banned in Space Race.

They have time penalty.

I mean Coolant and Poultry Payback.

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There’s also the Bomber and Maneuvering jets combo which can greatly increase your damage while still having decent mobility all without a time penalty, but it’s very expensive to use and I would want Jets to be disabled entirely in Space Race along with other perishables like you said.

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There’s also a way to clear waves that enemies spawn around you faster, but I’d like to keep it as a secret.
Edit: I was talking about a perishable.

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They are already disabled I guess.

Look at the 3rd one


Just let IA take a good care of those guy

Also here is the translate: You Remember My Face

I got that. I can do that as long I want to

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