Early Access version 95

You shouldn’t be able to, everything seems fine to me.

I just noticed something. When charity firepowers for a player appear, but he leaves after that, they automatically turns into normal firepowers (supposing he hasn’t collected them). Is this intentional or something?

but it good when everyone has low firepower

if everyone has low firepower then there’s already charity only for them

Yes, that’s intentional.

Equipment Perk is disabled on multiplayer (Because it affects key-drop rate per-player, which can’t be reconciled in multiplayer)

The game pauses automatically for single-player, but does not pause for multiplayer (for obvious reasons)

The light is emanating from the hollow archways on the underside, not from the green LEDs. So it’s correct.

Good idea, but cosmetic, so low-priority.

True, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s automatically disqualified anyway.

If you log out/in very quickly, this can sometimes happen. Wait at least 3 seconds and it should be fixed.

The message that you canceled the mission never reached the server (due to network problems?), that’s why you resumed it upon reconnection.

But in your screenshot the font color is the theme’s color (red).

Ok, will reset & warn.

Yes, intended.


Ok. How to know Weapon Virtuosity for all weapons?

You can’t. We could expose this in the game, but I’m worried that it would create oscillating behaviour as a lot of players suddenly start to use unpopular weapons.


Okay, I have no idea how this happened, I was doing some stuff while CIU is in the background then this happened.

How about the black theme? :thinking: i got one but havent screenshot yet

What’s the point? Anonymize option works for you to hide your own callsign. You just won’t be able to find the correct user if everyone go :lock::lock::lock:.

I’m just worried that some players somehow know how much is it and use it as an exploit. Maybe the amount should randomly change every month or so.

IA can you say your opinion about this?

i think weapon virtuosity should turn off in competition

plz NO

Typically, it happens when your GPU driver crashes and restarts. Just ignore it (well, unless it happens consistently)

In all themes the color selected should be visible against the background.

The amounts change every week, depending on the previous week’s weapon usage.

Melting the frost during these events is a slippery slope. How big should the melt be? And what about other types of explosions? Or bullet impacts? I think it’s simplest to leave it as-is.


@InterAction_studios Why we can’t use the weapon data override in multiplayer?

it happens to use for others too when we use excel as host
also this might sound unnecessary but can you disable the unmount all when we don’t have anything in spacecraft and mission config

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cuz you give free loot for others

But when surrender, they will got disconnect and everything in the mission won’t count.