Early Access version 91.2

can we have a passworded room on multiplayer?

UCO5 when?
in case if someone forget that

Inaccurate waves? :thinking: (there’s a wrong in this picture). This is bug! (not mission name)

latency exists even as a host

its their callsign, not mission name

should’ve shown the whole mission info in multiplay

This was brought like 5 times already, if not more, and even before the first time the answer was kind of given.


Someone seemed to be crashing when attempting to join on the egg cannonade wave during a session i hosted

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For host players: Doesn’t your spaceship lag while moving or they’re same?

For the most part, it moves like as if you’re the host in Ci3-5, but there are the occasional lag spikes.

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That looks like a GPU bug, and disconnecting from the internet probably had nothing to do with it.

This is intended, but now I’m thinking maybe I should change it :thinking:

Expected. Even if you’re hosting you have a small amount of ping.

Fixed in v.91.3 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.92 (note: NOT v.91.3) :medal_sports: Bug


can someone make the idea of a spaceship family that starts with more lives or has a shield that protects the next hit and regenerates with kills?
im not creative

if an item is not sellable like a squadron license do not put the selling price on the sell button
also have a “do not show this message again” checkbox on multiplayer warning


That warning serves a purpose. It will eventually be removed altogether.