Early Access version 81

the “not hiding enemy bullets” thing looks like something you would see if you debugged the game, which is just plain weird


Well, oh right. Or just reset the heat gauge when you finish the wave or something.

May i ask why the installer takes so long to download? I nearly waited 6 minutes already and it still installing.

perhaps, its because i have more than 10 installers of the same archive?

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Maybe because of your internet speed I guess

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The velocity of my internet its (in average) 20 - 40mbs so thats practically impossible.

Also, it just downloaded the installer, with a total of 21 minutes

Hmm, the victory music looks a bit weird when I choose the pro-gamer mode…Is that a bug @InterAction_studios?


@InterAction_studios i think you should add a link to download the setup in a .zip file because that’s faster

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steam moment

steam moment

I don’t have anything against that, but let’s see what other people think.

What would that count down to?

Why not? You can still pick them up, it’s that that they’ll probably count towards the next wave’s stats.

Fixed in v81.2 (server-side) :medal_sports: Bug (Note: I can’t find you in the game to award your medal)

We can fix these on a case-by-case basis. Fixed in v.82 :medal_sports: Idea

Because internet.

That’s unrelated.

It’s expected that it will overlap the transition, since I can’t speed music up

No it’s not.


it makes the file smaller and faster to download

also why does it say update the game when i’m using steam?
i saw a steam update download bar before launching i guess

iA, the hero quips in Henperor are triggered every spin (too much)

No it does not. The installer is compressed with LZMA, .zip is DEFLATE (which is much inferior)

Steam hasn’t applied the update yet for you (for some unknown reason). Try quitting Steam and reloading it.

Yes. That’s how it was in CI5.


:warning: Rebooting server to apply 81.2 emergency patch (10 seconds).

i restarted steam and… image

Have you configured Steam to auto-update the app?

Right-click on CIU in Library -> Properties -> Updates -> Automatic updates


If Steam knows an update is available it won’t let you play the game until you’ve updated it. This seems to be a connection problem on trueuser’s end, and Steam behaving weirdly like that is not unheard of.

IA, can you add notification that squadron leader kicked you from the squadron

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i never changed this thing

probably steam just like ignore the update or somthing

No clue. Try removing the game (RIght-click → Manage → Uninstall) and re-installing again.

These types of removal notifications are a bad idea.


before uninstalling, i checked this list and
no ciu