Early Access version 81

Because why not

Why yes?


No, but since quips are now only shown 25% of the time, it shouldn’t be such a big problem

That’s unrelated to the repeatability – it’s a randomizer thing. You can also get it with competitive missions.

No, it can’t.

Huh, I don’t know. Perhaps he was a contact that got removed? Or is a contact that’s not correctly marked with an asterisk?


No more boss buffs for now.

Multi-kill is broken in v.81, using special weapons to finish a wave affects the next wave instead. This weirdness should be corrected in v.82

I tried that, but it was too few arrows that were easy to miss. So I just display them on all planets instead.

I could, but planets were enough.

I’d like to show both routes so that the player understands the options (even if one of them is disabled)

I don’t want to put specific numbers in there that might become outdated if the period changes (which it already has done twice in the past)


They should be.

Repeatable simply means that both players get the same delays between lightnings, and lightnings appear in the same space. If you compare two players and you notice different lightnings, let me know and I’ll check again.

The medal is reward enough.

Meh. They only overlap for a short time as the spacecraft banks.


Why there is no key reward when the top 10 most active squadron is awarded? Like on daily/weekly/space race top 10

How would the keys be shared? Like by activity in squadron or?

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That’s for mobile, not PC.

Messages are dry text, they don’t update dynamically so anything I show there would potentially be outdated by the time you read it.

Google wrongfully terminated the account. I’ve appealed the decision, but it might take weeks. And they might say no :frowning:

Google complained that some games (specifically, Christmas/Easter/etc editions) were “repetitive content”. So it automatically removed those games (so far, so good). At some point, it decided that there were too many violations, and it terminated the whole account. This is nonsense because it even removed the “Standard” editions as repetitive content. The whole thing is unfair BS, because these editions predate their policy – in law there is actually something called “Ex Post Facto” ( ex post facto | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute ) which prevents this kind of abuse, but Google does whatever the hell it wants :angry:

Can you? I can’t.


I can buy more

Now this is pissing me off, completely unfair.

Its starting to piss me off of how google can easily take down those games and do whatever the hell they want and its complete bs

I just can’t believe google themselves just to take down one of each Chicken Invaders games on Play Store and it gets really frustrating to see how unfair this is and by that I mean its very impossible to get them back on Play Store and Google themselves will mostly decline

Its just straight up nonsense to see them got taken down from the Play Store
Edit: Its Google’s fault and why do they do such a thing

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I see this kind of unfair removal of content on YouTube all the time. It’s sad to see that their weird policies extend to other Google services as well. YouTube seems to have a very weird way of removing content that’s through some backwards logic in violation of rules. To add insult to the injury, they let other things that are blatantly in violation of aforementioned community guidelines on their platforms. And they don’t grant appeals either; once something’s gone it’s gone. So seeing this happen isn’t new for me, but seeing it happen to a Play Store app is.

Yeah, Google is also notorious for not respecting this either, a few months back some old, incredibly popular YouTube videos were removed for violating community guidelines that were set after said videos were published, whilst still allowing newer videos on the platform that were in direct violation of the guidelines. So I doubt Ex Post Facto could be used as a valid defense, because Google in the past doesn’t seem to have cared about this.

On another note, is it possible for the editions and standard versions of the game to have common savefiles? It’d be an huge QoL improvement since we had to manually copy them to pick right off where we were in the previous version that we played in.

Edit: how have I angered the pumpkin man this time

Edit 2: Looks like I haven’t after all. Got nervous for a bit there.


This all sounds extremely similar to what happened to the main Terraria dev, when their account just got terminated because yes. That stuff took pretty long to solve iirc.

how have I angered the pumpkin man this time

I’m a kind type of pumpkin.


Now this is pissing me off

Are you goddamn serious

And also, How do these like stupid retarded games still exist on the Play Store?

They are clearly infringing and google is doing nothing about it. Some of these even use the CI4 Victory Track along with some chick death sounds. They were talking about the CI editions being ‘‘repetitive’’ yet look at these rip offs, they are copying each other and its almost the same game each time with minor changes. Something needs to be done about this, these scumbags can’t just be left out here and make money by shoving ads down your throat by using these low effort games.


You can also notice the wings of chickens in these games looks exactly like big chicken wings, also watch this

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I assume they stole these assets from the original chicken invaders games and put them into these rip offs

It makes me so mad about these games claiming to be their own games with just stolen assets from the game files they took

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I would say the first rip-off with minor changes like graphics and some music would actually be a pretty nice arcade game. Other rip-offs are just copying the first one without giving a cluck (if it’s not the same dev under different accounts).


A final, last ditch option in case Google isn’t ready to listen, is taking to Twitter, pinging Google Play Store. But considering iA hasn’t tweeted anything from his twitter account, I doubt if it’ll make a dent.


The InterActionstudios.com (Android Games | InterAction studios) site is changed

This explains why iA himself got so mad about his games got taken down from the Play Store




@InterAction_studios The texture of plasma doesn’t feel well here