Early Access version 65


The addition of the UHF League is by far the star of this update, which is loosely based on UHF League - #42 by MoonKnight . This was hard to implement because there was no support for dynamically-created missions, so it required a lot of changes to underlying systems. For this reason, this is considered a dangerous update and the probability of an emergency update is quite high :smirk:

A basic explanation on how the league works is provided by the in-game help. This is a first rough approximation of this feature. Let’s see how it behaves over the coming week, and we’ll iteratively refine it based on your feedback.

Also, I’ve noticed that the feature to “Unmount all” from the Fleet loadout has crashed on a few players. I don’t know exactly what is wrong. The crash occurs after you click on “Unmount all” on the Loadout screen and possibly re-loading more equipment(?). The game won’t crash immediately, but it will crash when you try to save your changes (on the previous screen). If you can replicate the crash, please post with your experience here, it would be much appreciated.


You will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • all graphics options, which includes your window/borderless/fullscreen setting.
  • if any options have been removed or added to a new version, then all menu options (not just graphics) will be lost.


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime.
  • :bug: Gatling/Lasergun: Increased collision radius to 36 (@Francis :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :gear: Changed .exe icon.
  • :bulb: Falling keys now rotate around screen-Z axis (@Farhankhosravi :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: “Elite Quartet” wave: Prevented Slobs from spawning (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Removed Christmas music/graphics.
  • :bug: “Chicken Rings”/“Bubble Rings” wave: Prevented Slobs from spawning (@Arnav :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Renamed “Retro Background” to “CI4 Retro Background” (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: “Sweeping swoop”/“Swooping sweep” waves: Prevented Slobs from spawning (@Star_Light :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Laserguns now fire multiple bursts on waves: “Chick Heavy Artillery”, “Heavy Metal”, “Weaving Through Traffic”, “Egg Billiards” (@ElToster :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: M-40x spacecraft: By default, rear pods now use the same texture as the front ones. (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Custom backgrounds now work in CI1 (120th Anniversary) and Retro missions (@Star_Light @Francis @SA-GoldenBoss128 @Sufi :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Removed “the name is visible to other players” warning when renaming color theme (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: “Top Pilot”/“Top Squadron” screen: Column headings no longer scroll (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: “Energy Fences” wave: Prevented Balloons from spawning (@VerMishelb :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :new: Profile screen: Added “League” button (@ScarletCuboids :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Replaced references to “120th Anniversary” with “Invasion Anniversary” (@Star_Light :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: “Play Both Sides”/“Corridor Shooter” wave: Prevented Balloons from spawning (@ngoinhado :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Daily Challlenge difficulties are now easy (0%-30%), intermediate (35%-65%) and hard (70%-100%) (@Francis :medal_sports: Idea)

v.65.2 server-side emergency fix:

  • :bug: Fixed wrong missions appearing on Droid NPCs (@matix524 :medal_sports: Bug)

v.65.3 server-side emergency fix:

  • :bug: League: Fixed 2nd player disqualification being ignored when calculating dare results (@duc17 :medal_sports: Bug)


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders). :warning: Never rename files or move them from one version folder to another. Simply make a copy and then later put it back exactly where you found it.


ohhhhhhh boy.


time to see if there are 2 swords on the league icon

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I will play with my self to test
(If it have requesting)

oh, the league list is sorted by account age at the moment

Does this list not include NPCs? I’m asking since I see the “InterAction” admin account on top, but it can’t be dared


i forgot how big is the installer

looks good enough, reminds me of that gamemode in one of the RPG games.

also, cancel = surrender?


It’s literally your idea lmao


I want to searching some player to dare but with that it will take me a loooong time to find it.


i just installed ciu then icon returned to the old icon


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now find me and literally spam kill me

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No way back.

bet :slight_smile:

I wonder if this could be exploited by daring inactive players


Okay, how do the points work?

This one was 47%

And this one was 100%. But this got less points than the former.

By the way, iA:
Can you set the CI3/4/5 Victory Theme as the Dare Theme?


NPCs are not included. Only human players with callsigns take part.

It remains to be seen how useful that feature is, because you generally can’t dare random players. Currently everyone has the same points, so you can dare anyone, but as the point gap increases you’ll only be able to dare (I’m guessing) 25-50 players max.

Daring inactive players is of limited use due to how points are calculated (see below), but we’ll see if it becomes a problem.

The system is loosely based on Elo rating system - Wikipedia . The higher someone is ranked (as compared to your ranking), the more more points you gain when when you beat them. Currently, the maximum you can gain per victory is 10 points by beating someone 50 points above you, and 1 point if you beat someone 50 points below you. It’s not possible to dare players beyond ±50 points from your own points.

These numbers will of course be tweaked.

P.S. Still no crash? Impressive.


Windows icon cache. Restart the PC and it’ll fix itself.


it is so to find peoples that you want with it
could we have a search in here
and why i can’t play again with a person that i played earlier ?


You can only dare a person once a day, tomorrow you’ll be able to dare that person again

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It would be cool to choose the “dare” option to players on the contact card.