Early Access version 60

Probably 20k keys

A lot of keys (you can have almost everything with that amount) for a lot of money

(Can we make that bought keys doesn’t count in the 100k medal?)


Would be hard to code. Also, what if someone bought only 100 keys and earned by playing the other 99900?

Pay $5 to buy rookie skill

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This is not EA and we should appreciate that.



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:warning: v60.2 is now available for download: ⬇ Download Early Access

I will also broadcast an in-game announcement about this… let’s hope it works :crossed_fingers:


What about the boss music looping after each boss instead of just playing the entire song throughout?

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Sure works.



Well, I’m not entirely certain which is the “correct” way. Each boss fight is a significant milestone, and it makes sense for the music to stop and restart (even if the same track starts playing again).


Well, what about having it just play throughout for 61 and onwards? It just feels more satisfying to hear the song go on, instead of loop.

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True facts

I have a question: will future updates have in-game announcements as well?
I don’t know if they were announced before.

I actually don’t mind if my “Licensed” status appears or not. This is the same as whether I want my “Regular” title hidden or not.

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It should be, I agree

IA please read This and This

Just saying that this problem still occurs to me.

Well, this new patch was only meant to fix a bug with the insights

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Why the number of star systems are one more than number of suns?
All of the star systems have sun

It’s easy enough to revert the change, but let’s check first:

If two successive boss waves are supposed to play the same music track, how should the music behave once the first boss is defeated?

  • Music stops (fades out) and and restarts for the next boss fight
  • Music keeps on playing continuously

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One of them is star-less (idk why)