Early Access version 58.2

I’m doing this as we speak.


What about warning mesaages to the player?

Something to let them know they’re being watched, and that they shouldn’t do anything silly.

Maybe something like this:

Oh, by the way.

Is it possible to make a “Recovery” email feature for the linked accounts?

If you somehow manage to forget one of your emails, you have another email to help. Or at least some form of insurance.

No need to make this if you think it’ll be fine.


So basically this happens every time I try to switch to full screen mode.
I don’t know what causes it, thus I’m forced to use the borderless mode. I mean I’m okay with it but forced V-Sync really gets me.

Oh and in addition to that, the game also crashes when trying to switch to windowed mode.

I’d still really love to see this in CIU.

Since CIU is coded with C++…
Rich Presence Integration should not be too difficult, since it’s also made in C++. Can you give it a try?

Here, take a look at this. Perhaps it might help?


Actually it’s now called Game SDK as Rich Presence is deprecated. UPD Note: The part responsible for functions Rich Presence provided is DiscordAtivity, I didn’t touch others yet.



But yeah, please consider Rich Presence (or Game SDK. Whatever.). Would be really cool to see this whenever we play CIU.

You might have to edit CIU.cfg manually
(It’s easy lol)

I tried messing around it earlier and it doesn’t work perfectly since I have to manually change the text depending on what I’m doing in-game but it’s fun.


Swap chains is thing from new DirectX integration which was fixed in 58.2… But looks like not.

then how about preventing any player in CIU from making Callisgns containing inappropriate words?

Like, adding a blacklist system? That could be circumvented too


i mean if someone put a bad word in his callisgn, the game should automatically doesn’t accept it

besides a message should appear to him and warn him

That’s… exactly a blacklist system’s purpose


i really saw some players with bad words from a long time

just like when that guy made many accounts and insulted with “NOOB”

@InterAction_studios did you do this for infinite twins boss?
Multiplicity/Exponentiality” wave: Brothers/twins now also become enraged when their sibling dies

Yes, he already added that to the upcoming version’s changelog

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@InterAction_studios so I reported a bug before about the mirrored variation of Omnidirectional Onslaught that some enemies could be out of the main line. Like you have to move a bit to get them. I don’t know if it’s the player rotation or enemies are moving too slow. However until I met it with all toxics here I noticed that it’s the hardest to deal with.

I’ve got a video to show you an example, just click here to view it.

Sorry for the bad quality but you can see that there’s something wrong with the player rotation.

Also “The Fortress” is impossible with a bomber. It’s fine with other types, but with bomber I always hit these metal balls. I didn’t even think it was going to be added. And of course I tried to suggest the path in the middle to be a a little bigger a f@$king hurricane of objected replies will fall at me. So is there a way or a trick to pass with a bomber or am I supposed to git gud. I only passed it that one lucky time at Space Race with BX-9. I also never used keyboard since CI2 and it wasn’t the best. So should I try with keyboard too?

Gifts should be disabled at “The Weakest/Strongest Link” wave. Because you can’t avoid it with Bombers. I had to end session and log in again everytime.

Can Gatling Guns in “The Fortress” be replaced by Chickenauts, Egg Ships and UFOs too?

I want a Reverse variation in 'Wormhole" wave the wave that is in CI5 as it will be good also as the normal variation.